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‘Kitty brunette’ is the layered hair colour that we'll be seeing everywhere in 2024

One-tone hair colour has had a real moment in 2023 with glossy all-over brunettes, blondes and coppers leading trends, but heading into 2024, ‘kitty brunette’ is making a case, once again, for dimension – with an openly multi-tonal offering that adds uplift and interest.

Already, we've seen Selena Gomez swap out her dark chocolate brunette for a sprinkle of lighter, brighter highlights that purr-fectly tap up the ‘kitty brunette’ aesthetic. So, here's what you need to know.

What is kitty brunette?

Inspired by the individual mix of tones that make tabby cats so distinctive, kitty brunette weaves a blend of complementary shades throughout hair that can be tailored to each person. “I've been absolutely loving the kitty brunette trend as it looks stunning on all my clients and gives them a mixture of tones,” says pro London hair colourist, Gemma Smidmore. She explains the trend sees a mix of “chocolates, gold and taupes that can work with any skin tone.”

Unlike the monotone hair colours we've been seeing that stick to a blend of shades within a half-tone of each other, the Kitty Brunette trend sees more contrast with beige, buff, chestnut and caramels all sitting alongside each other, although it still feels soft. "It's elegant and gives brunettes the perfect balance of layered tones to create texture and add depth to the hair,” explains Gemma.

Why choose kitty brunette?

As well as infusing some glow into strands, it's “low maintenance” says Gemma, since the tones are gradually introduced without creating harsh bands in hair, meaning it will grow out seamlessly. Plus: “it's timeless and versatile for any brunette,” she says.

How to get the kitty brunette look?

The key is to create a tactical and beautiful blend of shades that offer light and depth in the right places. “I would create kitty brunette with baby balayage, using many different tones and keeping a few of the lighter tones around the face,” says Gemma.

How to wear kitty brunette?

As for how to wear it, we've rounded up some of our favourite renditions of kitty brunette below – including Selena Gomez's lighter new look…

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