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Laverne Cox: 'I live in wigs'

Laverne Cox"lives in wigs" and keeps her natural hair in cornrows underneath for easy maintenance.

The 'Orange Is The New Black' actress loves to experiment with a variety of hair pieces and says she usually keeps her natural hair in cornrows for easy maintenance.

She said: "I live in wigs, and having a product to take care of my wigs is essential. I've recently committed to oiling my scalp daily. I keep coconut oi l next to my toothbrush, so I brush, floss, and get it done."

Laverne, 47, also revealed that she used to be afraid to stand out but now she loves to try different looks and styles.

She said: "For many years, I would hide parts of myself. I would think that no one wanted to hear, see, or experience certain parts of who I am in fear of being rejected, but now I am at a point in my life where I want to embrace every shade of the Laverne rainbow."

The star is working with hair brand Matrix and praised the company for hiring her as its first openly transgender ambassador.

She said: "I haven't even been able to process my excitement for this partnership fully," . I love that the brand truly has something for everyone. That's so important to me.

"When you decide to hire Laverne Cox as your brand ambassador, you're making a statement about inclusivity. You're making a statement about inviting everyone to the table, which - honestly - is just good business.

"Whether you're Black, trans, or have 4C curls, I just want people to know that they're beautiful. I think I am beautiful because of my big hands, my big feet, and my deep voice, although they do make me noticeably trans. At the end of the day, you have to embrace what you've got."

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