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Everything You Need to Know to Achieve the Glass Skin Look

The glass skin finish has captivated beauty enthusiasts everywhere. We’re in the era where dewy, glass-skin skin reigns supreme. The allure of achieving a luminous, almost glossy finish has soared, overtaking the once-popular full-coverage matte look.

Glass skin came to the forefront when the rest of the world was introduced to K-beauty. “It’s characterized by ultra smooth looking skin with a high shine almost wet looking finish”, says Raine Tauber, expert and professional makeup artist. At the Maison Margiela Couture Spring/Summer 2024 runway show, world-renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath elevated glass skin with the surreal porcelain doll-esque make-up look. McGrath explained that the "skin is coated in a hyper-shiny glaze, mimicking the smooth, reflective quality of glass and completing the models’ unbelievable metamorphosis.”

Pat McGrath for Maison Margiela Couture SS 2024

While McGrath's ethereal interpretation of glass skin may seem unattainable for the average person, we’ve enlisted the help of expert and professional makeup artist Raine Tauber to share her tips for achieving a wearable version of the glass skin look. We promise you’ll have the glossiest, most luminous skin ever!

Key Ingredients

“Boosting the skin’s hydration is key for a glossy look,” explains Rauber. Your go-to products should contain hyaluronic acid, which has the unique ability to attract and retain water and moisture. Another golden ingredient that is a skincare staple is retinol. This superpower ingredient supports collagen and elastin production, giving a more youthful bouncy appeal.

Applying product

Layer a light hydrating moisturizer before applying foundation. “Products need to be layered slowly and allowed to sink in before the next one is applied and then working on the skin texture overall is key”, suggests Tauber. Investing in quality skin smoothing treatments such as dermaplanning, microneedling, and chemical peels can go a long way. These treatments are known for smoothing textured skin and a natural glow. Your skin will thank you for that little bit of extra TLC.

Products she recommends:

Diorskin Forever Fluid Skin Glow Foundation

Diorskin Forever Fluid Skin Glow Foundation R1 300

Chanel Baume Essential

Chanel Baume Essential

This product sits beautifully on the skin. It adds a soft sheen and glow to the skin. Sofia Richie swears by this product.

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Bioderma Hydrabio Hyalu+ Serum

Bioderma – Hydrabio Hyalu+ Serum R720

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