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Pixie Cut is making a come back: 5 local celebrities rocking the short wave

Popularised by Halle Berry and Nia long - the ‘90s pixie cut has resurged (but..was it really gone?) and more women are opting for the big chop.

The pixie cut can be traced back in the 1930’s, but it gained traction in the 1950’s when Audrey Hepburn appeared in Roman Holiday wearing the hairstyle.

Image Sourced:Instagram/@AudreyHpburn

Over the years - the pixie evolved to different styles - adopting unique trends of each era, from Josephina Parkers’s slick-back waves to Toni Braxton’s wispy bangs. Each era brought its own versatility, but sticking to the style’s standard.

Image sourced: Instagram/@ToniBraxton

The pixie became a huge part of the ‘90s culture, It represented a bold and daring statement for many women and marked the decade’s impact on fashion, music and hair.

Fast forward to 2024, the hairdo has become one of the most googled hair trend with searches at 350 percent while Tik-Tok has over 163 million views on pixie cut related questions.

@stanzy_hairs How to make pixiecutz #hairtutorial short hair is a vibe #bayelsahairstylist #haircolor #makemeviral #shorthairstyles ♬ KU LO SA - A COLORS SHOW - Oxlade

Not to be left behind, South African celebrities and influencers have hopped on the trend, trading long hair for a short pixie.

We’ve round up some of our favourite local celebrities currently rocking the short wave.

Kuhle Adams

Image sourced:Instagram/@kuhleadams

Liesl Laurie -Mthombeni

Image sourced: Instagram/@Liesllaurie

Kefilwe Mabote

Image sourced: Instagram/@Kefilwemabote

Nomalanga Shozi

Image sourced: Instagram/@realnomalanga

Sithelo Shozi

Image sourced: Instagram/ @Sithelo


Siyanda Bani

Image sourced: Instagram/ @Siyabunny

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