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Should you wash your hair in the morning or at night? We asked the experts and here's what's best for your hair type

It seems people are in two camps when it comes to washing their hair; some love to kickstart their day with a shower and hair wash, whilst other wait until the evening to tackle it. But is one method more superior than the other? And could switching your hair washing routine give you better hair?

We're afraid to report that there isn't one size-fits-all answer; after speaking to a plethora of experts, it seems it actually depends on what hair type you have.

As Elena Lavagni, Director at Neville Hair and Beauty, explains: “Choosing whether to wash your hair in the morning or evening can depend on personal preference, lifestyle, and hair type. Both options have their own pros and cons, and the best choice depends on your individual needs and circumstances. Always remember to care for your hair properly regardless of when you wash it, to keep it healthy and strong.”

Here's a quick-fire guide to when you should wash your hair according to your specific hair type:

  • Thin/fine hair which tends to get sapless and style doesn't last? Wash it in the morning.
  • Thick coarse/
  • Love a style or blowout? You can wash it the night before as the hair will settle as you sleep.

Still torn over which time of day you should be washing your hair? We've rounded up the pros and cons of each time of day with help from Glow Bar's Fausta Urte Geigaite…

‌Benefits of washing your hair in the morning

Morning hair washing can leave you feeling rejuvenated, especially if you enjoy the sensation of clean hair as you start your day. Hair washed in the morning often has more natural volume, which can make styling easier and create a bouncier, fuller look.

‌Negatives of washing your hair in the morning

Morning routines can be hectic, so if you're short on time, washing your hair in the morning might add stress to your daily schedule. Depending on where you live, morning humidity or pollution levels might impact your freshly washed hair, potentially causing it to lose its freshness sooner.

‌Benefits of washing your hair in the evening

Washing your hair in the evening can be a soothing part of your wind-down routine, helping you relax after a long day. It can save time in the morning, as you wake up with clean hair, allowing for a quicker styling routine. Washing your hair in the evening can remove the day's build-up of dirt and pollutants and free the scalp to breath at night.

‌Negatives of washing your hair in the evening

If your hair is still wet when you go to bed, it can lead to breakage or frizz. Sleeping on wet hair can also cause scalp issues, like fungal infections. Depending on your hair type, it could look flat or less voluminous the next day. You do tend to sweat in your sleep so hair won’t shine as much!

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