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How-to find a skincare routine that actually suits your needs with these easy steps

At some stage brick-and-mortar, retail beauty channels were all we knew and were definitely our go-to. If we’re being completely honest, - we’ve reached a time where how-tos are found online, and virtual try-ons and consultations are actually a thing, as well as AI and AR technology, slowly but definitely surely becoming our norm. You’ll find that these methods have revolutionised our relationship with beauty and appearance.


Technology has changed our relationship with beauty, especially after covid-19, and for me, it meant that converting to online shopping to meet all my skincare needs formed part of that change. I must admit, it’s a bit of a difficult one because virtual face-to-face consultations can seem daunting and somewhat challenging because you’re hoping to achieve the perfect skincare routine that dreams are made of, by someone that can only see you through a screen. But when I tell you that this has changed the game for me, I really mean it.

I scheduled a one-on-one appointment with Dr Alek Nikolic, a renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine and owner of an online skincare store SkinMiles, who has a wealth of knowledge and could provide me with comprehensive and in-depth advice tailored to my skincare needs. I also submitted images of my bare skin for him to further look into, in order to recommend the best products for my needs. I was quite chuffed with his analysis purely based on what he could see with the naked eye. He makes you feel comfortable and converses in a way that makes you understand your skin, what it needs and what it lacks, and how to best achieve the results you’ll be happy with and that your skin will also love.

I have combination skin and personally felt my skin looked dull. I also have congestion and enlarged pores and found that in the drier and colder months my t-zone area tends to be quite dry to the point where my skin flakes and starts showing through my foundation. With the seasons changing we often don’t understand our skin and what it is telling us about what it needs. Dr. Nikolic took the time to listen and explain to me what my skin is currently experiencing, which is one of the things that I really appreciated and loved. This is something that I realised I haven’t experienced before, even when going for in-person consultations at times. So, if you are still not convinced that a virtual face-to-face is the way to go then this should seriously reassure you and seal the deal.

During the consultation Dr. Nikolic goes through the products you are currently using and if necessary, will dissect the product ingredients to help you understand why it’s good for your skin or not and make some recommendations you should incorporate into your routine and which you should take out immediately.

After your consultation, you’ll receive a list of recommended products to use, which of your products you should stop using and which you can continue to use. Dr. Nikolic suggested the below products in order for me to see the best results for my skincare needs.

CERAVE Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser: Dr. Nikolic suggested the cleanser be used twice daily once in the morning and then again in the evening.

CERAVE Facial Moisturising Lotion: This was my day and night time moisturiser. In the mornings I followed it up with my HELICOCARE 360° Gel Oil Free sunscreen.

HELIOCARE 360° Gel Oil Free: This is a vital product to use after your moisturiser is applied. Sunscreen should be applied daily in the mornings.

SKINCEUTICALS Serum 10: Vitamin C will help to brighten my skin. Dr. Nikolic advised I apply it after cleansing and before my moisturiser and sunscreen. flash 2 | restore shot: Dr Nikolic suggested this product as it contains retinol and will help to brighten the skin, reduce the congestion and pore size and help to stimulate the skin. pure | medi shot: This salicylic acid solution will also help to brighten the skin, reduce congestion and minimise pores.


All the recommended products are shoppable online from SkinMiles, which is a one-stop shop for all your skincare needs. Hosting a wide range of various brands that will ensure your skincare needs are seen-to season after season.

Did I mention that the consultation is absolutely FREE?


Click here to begin your bespoke skincare journey by completing the in-depth skin assessment to register and receive our personal recommendations and have a Face2Face consultation.

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