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Brushed out brows

Brushed out brows
Brushed out brows

Brow lamination is taking over everywhere you look. We decided we need to get in on the inside info so we too can know what all the fuss is about! Michelle Kleinhans, RefectoCil trainer gives us the down-low.

GLAMOUR: What is brow lamination?

Michelle: Brow lamination is a process that alters the shape of the hair itself, whether you want bold brows or thicker brows, you can shape the brows however bold your clients prefer it.

G: The process?

M: Step 1: Remove makeup.

Step 2: Wipe with Saline solution to remove excess oil from the skin and brows.

Step 3: Apply the perm lotion to the brows.

Step 4: Comb the brows in the shape clients wants.

Step 5: Apply cling film over the brows, keeping in mind the position the hairs is in (helps to make the developing time faster). Leave for 8min.

Step 6: Remove perm lotion with a dry earbud, wiping upwards.

Step 7: Apply the neutralizer the same way as the perm lotion, still keeping in mind the position of the hair. At this point, you can brush the hair in the position you want it to set. Leave for 5min.

Step 8: Remove the Neutraliser with a dry cotton pad.

Step 9: Tint the brows.

Step 10: Apply your aftercare products, like styling gel or lash & brow booster

G: The products used in the process?

M: Make-Up remover

Saline Solution – to remove any excess oils from the skin

Perm lotion – to loosens the bonds of the hair

Neutralizer – to set the new shape/bonds of the hair

Tint – to give the brows definition

Styling gel – to treat the hairs and shape the brows

G: How does it work?

M: Brow lamination alters the bonds of the hair to shape the hair into a different position, depending on what the client prefers you can have an extremely bold look setting the hairs in an upward position or a more subtle look to make it look a bit thicker but still with a natural curve.

Brushed out brows by ReflectoCil

G: How do you prepare your eyebrows for it?

M: You have to properly clean the brows and the surrounding skin with a Saline solution to remove any oils from the skin that may hinder the process.

G: Who is suitable to have the treatment done?

M: Anyone who wants bold brows.

G: How often can you have it done?

M: You can have a treatment once a month to maintain the look.

G: How long does the treatment take?

M: Approx. 45min

G: How long does it last?

M: 4-6 weeks

G: Is there an at-home alternative? Why should you go to a salon to have it professionally done?

M: There are only aftercare products to treat the brows after the treatment, this treatment should not be done at home as a therapist is trained to do the treatment professionally and perform it in the correct way.

G: What is the difference between eyebrow lamination and microblading?

M: Eyebrow lamination alters the shape of the hair itself, last 4-6weeks grows out with hair growth. Microblading is a process where the hair is tattooed on the skin,permanent treatment.

G: Any risks involved?

M: Nope, unless some are allergic to the product, but an allergy test needs to be done 48 hours before the treatment.

G: Any aftercare tips?

M: No water for 24hours.

G: Approximate pricing?

M: R300-R600.

G: Is the process safe?

M: Yes

G: Any other interesting or fun facts you think our readers would want to know?

M: Collagen is one of the ingredients in the solution, so this is the product that feeds the hair while having the treatment.

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