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Elsa Majimbo spills all on her beauty regime

Photography: @shishi.wanjiru
Photography: @shishi.wanjiru

Kenyan comedian, Elsa Majimbo, opened up about her ultra-minimalist skin-care routine.

Named African Social Star of 2020 at this year’s E! People’s Choice Awards, Majimbo spoke to Allure about her self-care regime.

She said most of her beauty decisions were based on her just wanting to catch up on Netflix or eat.

As such, she keeps her beauty routine natural, even for her videos, which she usually films make-up free with her hair in twists and her fans love her natural look.

“When everyone caught wind of my videos, they're like, 'Oh my God, she's so natural. Everything about her is so natural,’“ said Majimbo.

However, she does have a thing for long nails, which she always keep clean.

“I like long nails, like Cardi B. But I don't want to scare anyone yet, so I'll start small. I'll start with the short nails, and then I'll go longer, and then that's when I'll be like, 'Boom, guys’. This has always been me. This is my life.”

When it comes to her skin, Majimbo prefers to use water to wash it and she applies petroleum jelly to keep it moisturised.

“I love my skin because it just … it's always so nice. That's why I always drink water, because the idea of my skin just breaking out, for me, I dread it. I don't put any other products on my skin because they feel weird on my skin," she said.

Majimbo also enjoys wearing clothes that have the fresh scent of fabric softener. That's why she enjoys wearing garments that are straight from the dryer.

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