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Sparkle this New Year’s Eve with these glitter inspired Make-Up Looks

New Year’s Eve is all about the sparkle and glitter. So, now’s the time to go all out with the glitter eyelids and put on your most sparkly outfit as we welcome the New Year! If you’re lacking a little bit of sparkle in the outfit department - then add some sparkle or glitter to your make-up. You can never go wrong with a glitter eye or a sliver-winged liner. We’re living for the bold eyes and overly glossed lips that give us all the Saturday night fever we need - get your New Year’s Eve inspo here!


Who says rhinestones and jewels are only meant for festivals and our eyelids? We’re spreading the bedazzled love all over our body.

TIP: Use eye glue and wait for it to get tacky before sticking some gems down. Hold for 10 seconds to ensure that they secure.

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The secret to full, succulent and high-pigmented glossed lips? Applying layers and layers of clear gloss on top of your favorite lipstick. P.S: There’s no such thing as too much!

TIP: For glossy eyelids - add a touch of gloss to your eyelids and, if you want dust a little bit of silver eyeshadow on top of the gloss.

Image Supplied: Glossy Eyelids


Any good eye make-up look has to start with a simple base.

Image Supplied: Glitter Eyes


Sweep a light-colored shadow into the crease of your eye.


Using a darker shade of the crease color, dust this color all over your eyelids.


Now- for the best part - sweep the glitter color over your eyelids. Using a flat brush make sure the glitter doesn’t just dust off your eyelid within a few minutes of application.

TIP: Dip your brush in a little bit of water before dipping it into the glitter eyeshadow. This will enhance the shine and will prevent the glitter from falling off the brush.

Also, you know the deal - the more glitter the better!

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