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These fabulous festive party makeup looks are perfect for your star sign

December means going in with your Christmas party makeup. If there was ever a time to mix things up, or go bold with your look, it's now. But while we're here to make a stylish statement, we still want to swerve awks encounters with OTT blusher. Not sure where to land with your look? Rather than scrolling through social for inspo, you could just let your star sign do the work for you. We’ve listed some of our favorite phwoar makeup looks according to each zodiac. So, check out your Christmas party makeup horoscope below…



(22nd November-21st December)

Sags are known for their adventurous spirit. You're an extrovert and an optimist, but you're also a bit of a rebel – so when it comes to choosing your makeup for a night out, you might like to opt for something a little moody. This grunge-glam look is festive, but the dark red lip (created using Patrick Ta's Major Headlines Lipstick in She Must Be New), kohl-rimmed eyes, and , a soft brown eye pencil offer a fresh alternative.



(22nd December-19th January)

Capricorns love a classic look. You prefer to keep things traditional but you also like to add your stamp. Gorgeous glowy skin is timeless, romantic and beautiful, but it also feels ultra-fresh and modern. We love golden glazed cheekbones for a stunning but wearable Christmas party makeup moment. And to keep it co-ordinated, sweep those golden tones across eyelids, then pair with a glistening gloss.



(20th January-18th February)

Open-minded, imaginative and creative, Aquarians are non-conformists. Your makeup is another outlet of your personality, so you're not going to let it be dictated to you by trends. This hazy purple smoky eye takes a classic and gives it an interesting new spin, plus it incorporates shades of your birth stone amethyst (for February Aquarians). Makeup artist Hung Vanngo listed all of the products he used to create this look in his YouTube tutorial.



(19th February-20th March)

Nurturing, thoughtful and gentle, Pisceans are the last water sign of the zodiac. You can pull off a range of colours, but you particularly suit gentle and relaxing shades like soft silvers and icy blues. While you like a look that will make your presence felt, it still needs to feel approachable, like this halo smoky eye and glossy lip combo. Finish your look off with Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb, from fellow Pisces, Rihanna.



(21st March-19th April)

Aries, you're feisty and frank but you're also known for your warmth. You're confident enough to pull off a bold look, but you don't feel the need to try too hard. You can also be a little impatient so you want something that makes an impact without taking loads of time. A fiery red lip paired with minimal-looking makeup is right up your street – strong, but very, very chic.



(20th April-20th May)

You're a creature of comfort, Taurus, and you're a comfort to be around. You're dependable and loving if a little set in your ways. You like the finer things in life and you don't mind some glitz – but you like to keep things low-key. A copper glitter eye doesn't sound understated, but paired with neutral makeup and loose hair, it works beautifully. You can go big by picking up some loose eye glitter and apply it to the eye lids.



(21st May-20th June)

Geminis are known for their curiosity. You like to explore and have a play, plus you don't take your makeup too seriously. You're prepared to think outside the box, so you're easily inspired by patterns, textures and shapes around you. Plus alternative accents like stickers, gems and stencils often find their way into your makeup bag. This star sticker liner is right up your street.



(21st June-22nd July)

Kind, intuitive and empathetic, you're a girl next door type, Cancer. You suit something pretty and approachable – and this glowy eye, skin and lip combo feels warm and inviting, just like you. Makeup artist Melissa Hurkman created this look with a little help from Iconic London's Bronzing Powder and a liquid illuminator (try Iconic London's Illuminator) on skin and Fenty's Gloss Bomb on lips.



(23rd July-22nd August)

Leo, you're the life and soul of the party, so you're going to need something that brings the drama and steals the spotlight. Liquid, holographic sparkle, with XXL lashes is the way forward, because nothing says Christmas soirée like twinkling eyelids.



(23rd August-22nd September)

Virgos are perfectionists, not because you feel the need to please anyone else, but because the standards you set for yourself are high. This immaculate blue sparkle liner is beautifully precise (thank God), but it adds extra interest and provides a fresh take on a classic.



(23rd September-22nd October)

Charming, diplomatic and tactful, Libras suit something relaxed but romantic. This alluring merlot lip with fluttery lashes and a sheer, smoky shadow is a sophisticated and sexy way to nail Christmas makeup.



(23rd October-21 November)

Passionate, intense and mysterious, Scorpios tend to keep their cards close to their chest. Outwardly, you can seem a little aloof, but your close circle know how loyal and loving you are. You need a look that's fierce but soft – and this seriously smoked-out eye nails the brief.

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