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It’s Time To Invigorate Your Relationship With Skin - With Love From Dove

There’s confidence in beautiful skin. Dove’s skin care range delivers indulgent superior care, to transform your routine into an experience. There’s nothing better than choosing to reinvigorate your relationship with your skin during Skin Care Awareness Month.

Skin is the organ of our bodies, yet is often the most vulnerable to neglect and damage from the harsh effects of weather and lack of adequate moisture.

Skin does not only act as a protective barrier crucial for the healthy functioning of our bodies, but as a feature of our beauty as well. The more beautiful and healthier our skin is, the more confident we feel.

September was Skin Awareness Month – a month set to highlight the importance of maintaining healthy skin while encouraging education around skin health.

How do we get soft, healthy skin? It’s simple: moisture.

Moisturising is a crucial aspect of any effective skincare routine, as it provides essential nourishment to dry skin, resulting in soft and smooth skin.

Although using a moisturiser after cleansing is an excellent way to restore and retain moisture in the skin, Dove has made it possible to provide nourishing and moisturising care from the cleansing process.

Dove’s dedication to superior skin care started 65 years ago with its revolutionary and iconic Beauty Bar. By offering a bar soap with its signature ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove was able to demonstrate that cleaners do not have to be harsh on skin, in fact, it can be gentle and provide an indulgent moisturising and caring experience. Achieving beautiful, smooth, and moisturised skin has never been simpler.

The Dove Beauty Bar is the #1 Bar Recommended by Dermatologists in South Africa**. Its neutral pH and mild, caring approach to cleansing (it contains sulfate free cleansers) have made it a firm favourite with skin experts and skincare lovers everywhere. The beauty bar’s versatility and signature creaminess has earned its classic status.

Dove has grown to become an instantly recognisable brand around the world, with skin care, hair care, deodorants and more joining the portfolio.

The Dove Bodywash range has launched an entirely NEW breakthrough formula that will transform your daily shower into an altogether luxurious and pampering experience. The advanced moisturising bodywash combines the glycinate-based cleansers that is microbiome gentle technology and Triple Moisture Serum, a new blend of prebiotics which nourishes your skin’s microbiome and helps build and strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier. The formula known to be milder and less likely to cause skin irritation when compared to sulfate-based cleansers.

The caring formula delivers natural skin nourishment that goes deep into the surface layers of your skin, with a rich lather that replenishes your skin’s nutrients. Did anybody say skin health?

“At Dove, helping women achieve healthy, beautiful skin is our driving purpose. With our biggest change to our Bodywash formulation, we are encouraged to transform the way women feel about their skin.” Masechaba Sekhitla, Dove brand lead at Unilever South Africa says.

“From our research we know that 84% of women aged 18-65 feel frustrated because of their dry skin***. Our mission is to improve women’s relationships with their skin and to help them feel more confident, pampered, and cared for,” Masechaba adds.

Furthermore, the new body washes are the latest innovation in Dove’s commitment to sustainability and are up to 97% biodegradable formulas that do not contain harsh sulfates that are known to cause skin irritation. The bottles themselves are made from 100% recycled plastic.

In keeping with Dove’s approach to superior care, the new range of Body Lotions are scientifically formulated & infused with Dove’s Breakthrough Moisture-Boosting Technology the ‘Ceramide Restoring Serum’, which penetrates beneath your skin’s surface and works in harmony with your skin to boost ceramide production, strengthening your skin barrier & preventing moisture loss.

Why is this important? Your skin’s protective barrier is made up of 50% ceramides, but these gradually decrease, leading to dry, dull & ashy skin. Dove lotions work with your skin to create a fertile ground, boosting your skin’s natural ceramide production, which improves the skin barrier, making it more resilient and providing soft, smooth, and healthy- looking skin.

As part of Skin Care Awareness Month, Dove we embarked on a Real Beauty Skin series, creating awareness around skin health and spaces for women to engage in meaningful conversations on how to care for their skin.

“As part of our drive in combining the best in the science of skincare with the indulgence of pampering and building confidence, we are proud to also be hosting #SkinSplaining sessions in partnership with the Wisdom & Wellness podcast, to make skincare education easily accessible to women across the country,” Masechaba explains.

“We will be unpacking, debunking, and demystifying all the unverified advice women have been given and balance it with informative expert advice from skin experts. Skin is not just surface deep – it is inextricably linked to emotional and mental wellbeing as well.”

“Understanding your skin, how to feed and nourish it is a vital part of knowing how to properly care for it. Dove skin care products have been consistently recommended by dermatologists across the country for their gentle cleansing formulations that aren’t only good for the skin, but good for the overall wellbeing,” Dr Vezekile Dladla – Research and Development Manager at Unilever South Africa.

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