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Try this eyeliner hack to make your eyes look instantly bigger

There's nothing like a classic black eyeliner , but it's not to be underestimated in white either. In fact, lighter eyeliner has conquered the hearts of beauty fans for its instant doe-eyed effect. A simple swipe makes your eyes appear even bigger and brighter in just a few seconds.

While black eyeliner looks more dramatic, white has something fresh and youthful, edgy and cool.

When applied along the upper and lower lash line, the white of the product combines with the white in the eyes, making them look bigger. This booster also makes you appear fresher and more alert. This is exactly why Victoria Beckham has been using white eyeliner for years.

This can of course be varied a little depending on the shape of the eyes and taste . In addition to the classic cateye look, there are many other options for creating a creative touch with white eyeliner.

For example, you can apply it thickly or incorporate graphic elements. Let your imagination run wild, but don't skimp on the mascara. In this case, it can be applied vigorously to give the face different dimensions and not to let the eyes drown.

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