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Yara Shahidi brings her own make-up with her on set

Yara Shahidi has to bring her own make-up kit with her when she is on set because some 


artists don't carry inclusive shades.

The 20-year-old actress is the face of cosmetic giant Bobbi Brown, which has recently expanded its shade range to make it more vast, and the star revealed she has had several beauty guru's make her skin look "grey" because they are not carrying inclusive shades, and subsequently had to bring her own products with her to save any cosmetic mishaps when she is working.

Appearing unretouched in Harper's Bazaar's 'Real Beauty' August issue, which aims to celebrate women in their most authentic state by publishing all feature stories with non-airbrushed photos, Yara said: "I love that more brands are doing this [being more inclusive]. There have been times when I got out of the makeup chair and my skin looked grey. It's why I think every single person of colour usually brings their own make-up kit to set."

The Iranian-American beauty went on to admit that her day-to-day style consists of "not showing" much skin because she likes her wardrobe looks to make a "statement".

She added: "By not showing skin, I'm making a statement. My clothes need to have movement. For me, fashion is all about joy."

The 'Black-ish' star previously revealed that before she knew about brow gels that were on the market, she would use her daily mascara to give her face a touch up and keep any stray hairs in place.

Speaking in a beauty tutorial, Yara said: "Before I learned that people make products for brows, I used to just put mascara on my brows.

"I always say my beauty icons are of course my momma and my nanna, they were the first representations I had of what beauty means to me. I have a binder on my phone just called aesthetic where I just save photos that inspire me."

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