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Bow nails are TikTok's new favourite mani

Ballet meets coquette. One detail that will define 2024 fashion and beauty trends is the bow. We've already seen it added to hairstyles, shoes and outfits, but bow nails offer up a more subtle way to incorporate the dinky design in the form of a delicate mani.

The nail art brings together two trending aesthetics which dominated 2023 – but still have lots more to give in 2024 – the growing balletcore and coquette movements.

Both lean on a hyper-feminine look, with soft pinks featuring across the two. However, where the coquette look also brings in lace, florals, gingham and ruffles; balletcore sticks much more closely to the textures, tones and cuts of the clothes worn by dancers. Think: sheer tulle finishes, silky ballet slipper colours, ribbon details and immaculately neat shapes. One detail both have in common of course though, is the bow.

Translated onto nails, we've seen silky pink glazed bases updated with a bow motif. We've seen it as an accent on a single nail, or added to the top of Frenchies. We've seen the ribbon woven across multiple nails. We've seen it worn 3D to make it stand out even more (quite literally). We've seen it paired with the blush nails trend and we've seen the bow worn atop a neutral base in a range of colours: gold, silver, red, pink, blue and more.

Here's 19 of our favourite ways to wear bow nails…

Sheer shimmer base bow nails

Shimmer Frenchie bow nails

Milky base and red bow nails

Textured 3D bow nails

Dinky gilded bow nails

Brown and lilac bow nails

Silky pink bow nails

Short and silver bow nails

Baby blue bow nails

Elongated pink bow nails

Double red bow nails

Pink 3D bow nails

Pearlescent 3D bow nails

Blush bow nails

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