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The Prettiest Wedding Nails for Every Kind of Bride

Wedding season is upon us which means cue the influx of Pinterest inspo. Looking for ideas for wedding nails? Congratulations—both on your engagement, and the fact that you’re in the right place; we can take it from here. After having settled on a venue, gown, and bridal hair and makeup (and you know, enduring the never-ending stress of wedding planning), the last thing you want to do is make another decision about the big day.

Fortunately, you don’t have to, since we asked experts everything there is to know about wedding nails. From when to get them done to which shades to try, see all your bridal mani FAQs answered ahead. Then, keep scrolling for wedding inspo.

How many days before the wedding should I get my nails done?

“To ensure the freshest manicure possible for your big day, it’s best not to get your nails done (or do them yourself) more than three days before your big day,” Juli Russell, DIY nail expert for Sally Beauty, tells Glamour. “Plus, this means they’ll also be on point for pre-wedding-activities.”

In fact, getting your nails done too soon could result in visible growth and more exposure to elements that cause wear, Russell says, so be sure to wear gloves while doing chores like washing dishes to ensure your mani stays fresh for the wedding.

What are the best wedding nail polish colours?

“My bridal clients often request neutral shades, and it turns out that ‘something neutral’ nails are also the most popular nail look among Zola’s wedding community,” says celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt (creator of the glazed donut mani), who has partnered with wedding planning site Zola. “There seems to be an equal divide in popularity between nude and white: 37% of Zola brides prefer neutral nails with shades of pink, nude and beige, and 36% opt for shades of wedding white.” For a neutral nail look, Ganzorigt's favourite shades are OPI’s Bare My Soul, Put It In Neutral, and Bubble Bath.

Russell agrees, also pointing to OPI’s Bubble Bath as one of her favourite choices for brides. “It goes without saying that sheer pinks and Frenchies are the most popular and classic options for wedding nails, but pearl nails are having a moment and have a vintage aesthetic, which makes them both trendy and classic,” she says. She recommends China Glaze Diva Bride, FingerPaints’ In a Glaze, Gelish Mini Gel Curls and Pearls, and ASP Gel Pink Whisper as more options for ideal wedding nails.

You can also try press-on nails for the big day, Russell says. “Pop them on the morning of your wedding, and you have a salon-like manicure in minutes,” she says, citing Dashing Diva’s White Claws, Double Trouble, and Rosewater Glaze as some of her favorite bridal sets.

Double French

Enhance your French mani with artistic double lines and pearl decals.

Glitter Tips

Don’t let your wedding band hog all the sparkles! This glitter-tip mani is glamorous and elegant but still so much fun. Make it your own with matching glitter decals.

Image Sourced by Instagram/@peachinails

Statement French

Another way to elevate a classic French mani? Opt for a thick line and embellish with 3D nail charms.

Rose Gold Sparkles

Give your engagement ring a run for its money, and pair a a rose gold manicure with sparkling nail decals.

Delicate Lace

Match your mani to your wedding gown with this delicate lace design. If it’s too complex for your DIY skills, don’t worry: They make press-ons for that.

Image Sourced from Instagram/@thenaillologist

Milky Ombre

Another popular bridal style? Ombré nails. “It’s more subtle, giving a softer end result,” Reynolds says of the technique. Plus, milky white ombré is so pretty.

Image Sourced from Instagram/

Floral French

Elevate your classic French mani with dainty daisies just beneath the tip. It’s super sweet yet discrete and won’t look out of place in photos.

Image Sourced from Instagram/@thenaillologist

Something Blue

Wear your “something blue” on your hands, and paint your tips a delicate shade of the hue, like OPI’s “It’s a Boy!” blue.

Image Sourced from

Bridal Chrome

You can’t go wrong with chrome white—stunning and simple—on your wedding day. Get the look with Glamnetic’s Moonlight press-ons.

Image Sourced from

Gilded Garden

Ideal for brides having outdoor weddings, this foliage-inspired style is sweet and natural yet stunning and chic.

Image Sourced from Instagram/@_gelcoco

Blushing Bows

Embrace the coquette aesthetic and top of your mani with bow nail charms.

Image Sourced from

Wedding nail designs and art

Of course, there is plenty of room for nail art and designs in bridal manicures too. “Brides are requesting the glazed donut nail; this look has been popular because it gives a little extra shine to traditional neutral nails and makes them more modern without adding anything too extra," Ganzorigt says. “I've also been getting requests for variations of French nail designs lately, but instead of the traditional white tip, many brides are asking for different colour combinations or restructured designs.”

From classic white and minimalist chic to pastel French and everything in between, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of wedding nail designs for every kind of bride. Scroll on and get ready to screenshot—then say “I do” to your wedding-day mani.

Original article appeared on GLAMOUR UK.

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