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In vs. out: We are in love with these 3 stunning long nail trends for winter

Do you like to wear your nails long and do you sometimes go to the nail salon for the acrylic or gel version? Then watch out, because here are the 3 most popular nail trends for long nails in winter 2023.

I’ll be first to admit that there are so many nail trends inspo on IG and Pinterest that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the ones that are in and the ones that are out.

When it comes to the nail shape and length it is a matter of taste and preferance. But let’s just go with the fact that in this instance you clearly prefer long nails? Then you've come to the right place, because winter 2023 will bring out one or the other cool trend that is made for you (and your nails). The advantage of XXL nails in square, almond-shaped and Co.: more space for lots of creative designs. But the nail trends this season are not that unusual , not even for long nails. But just convince yourself.

Nail trends for long nails in autumn 2023: these 3 are in, these 3 are out

OUT: Glitter nail polish

IN: Rhinestones

Whether in the hair or as part of the make-up: rhinestones are THE beauty trend for 2023. With the end of summer and the festival season, however, the sparkling trend is becoming quieter, at least in and around the face - but on the nails he's picking up speed now. “Nail Gems” are the most beautiful nail trend for long nails. The more surface on the nail, the better you can distribute the stones. Two to three rhinestones per nail are not too much, but totally elegant, even in everyday life. Tip: use a white, semi-transparent nail polish as a base for a “ milky bath nails ” look and finally fix everything with clear coat so that the stones stick to the nails for as long as possible.

OUT: Black

IN: Reddish brown to burgundy

Rich shades of red are now making their grand appearance again. It doesn't matter whether it's a warm reddish-brown or a purple-tinged burgundy red, in winter 2023 we'll be seeing more and more dark nail polishes with a reddish touch. While black and brown were the dominant dark tones last year , it's now the more classic red again - and we're not mad about it.

OUT: Swirls

IN: Aura Nails

The “ Aura Nails ” have been trending for a while, but now they have a real momentum – and especially on long nails. Makes sense, because the nail design is offered the largest possible area, which makes it look even more impressive. But what exactly are “Aura Nails”? Basically, you can pretty much choose any colour for the trend, just make sure it represents how you feel or how you would like to feel. First prime the nail with one colour and then put another colour in the middle and blend it with a sponge, for example. The nail trend is ready.

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