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Here’s why ingestible supplements are the beauty essential you need this winter

Just as winter is a time for changing wardrobes, the colder, drier air demands adjustments to beauty routines too. “While using the right moisturisers and conditioning treatments are vital for keeping skin, nails and hair hydrated and healthy this season, it’s also important to incorporate ingestibles into one’s winter beauty regime,” says Toni Carroll, founder and CEO of nutricosmetic brand My Beauty Luv.

Ingestible supplements come in the form of powders or capsules and are packed with beneficial ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and a host of anti-oxidants to address a range of beauty concerns. “Applying topical products only penetrate the surface cells, whereas ingestibles work from the inside out, providing the body with the proteins, vitamins, minerals and oils it needs,” she says. Ingestibles enable users to radiate wellness from the inside out.

It’s no surprise then, that the demand for these products is growing steadily, with this market category expected to be worth US$ 8.30 billion by the year 2030[i]. “People are more conscious of what they put into their bodies not only for beauty, but health and longevity too.”

Carroll believes ingestibles form part of a holistic approach to beauty as they are delivered throughout the body, ensuring that every part reaps advantages from the ingredients. “Medical-grade, scientifically-proven, natural ingredients in particular show quick and potent results.”

An example of this is My Beauty Luv’s Beauty Blast, which contains nutrients that are particularly needed in winter, including vitamins B and D, beta-glucans, potent antioxidants, amino acids and fibre, amongst others – all of which are essential for helping the immune system fight illness during this cold and flu season in addition to providing a host of beauty benefits. This elixir can be used to treat a host of skin ailments. “It brightens and evens skin tone, while protecting against UV damage and promotes procollagen synthesis in skin cells” says Carroll.

After ingestibles, the next item on the beauty to-do list should be drinking enough water. “Skin and hair suffer the most in winter because cold air contains less moisture,” explains Carroll. “This reduction in humidity causes the body to lose moisture, making skin cracked and flaky and hair dry and brittle. Compounding winter’s drying effect are heaters and fires.” To counter this, she recommends drinking enough water and also structured water in the form of whole fruit and certain vegetables.

She also notes that keeping hair and skin well-moisturised is crucial. A great beauty hack over inter months is to use a rich, hydrating overnight leave-in mask – these are becoming very popular and with good reason!

When it comes to healthy winter hair, Carroll suggests extra conditioning, especially for ethnic hair. “Nourishing leave-in treatments (that contain keratin and natural plant-based humectants) are an excellent way to give ethnic hair a boost and protect it from external stressors like pollution and UV rays,” she says.

Another winter beauty tip? “Everyone should be using an SPF moisturiser on their skin,” she urges. “Protecting the skin and hair from UV rays are key to cellular health and anti-ageing.”

Carroll believes that an extra dose of nurturing is needed during the winter months. “Beauty is related to every aspect of our lives – not just the products we use – so be mindful of giving yourself everything you need to shine from the inside out.”

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