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Beauty trends for 2022 are nutritious, cruelty-free and all-natural, according to experts

Image: @skoonskin/Instagram
Image: @skoonskin/Instagram

In 2022, the world has shifted in consciousness - from work-life flexibility to mental health and environmental awareness, we are more mindful than ever before. And the beauty industry has taken note.

Nowadays, beauty is no longer confined to our physical appearance but rather a holistic view of our body and minds. As people become more aware of the foods they eat and toxins in their environment, beauty is cultivated from the inside out.

Rising trends such as nutricosmetics, at-home skin care tools, and vegan solutions are solidifying this shift.

Here are the hottest holistic beauty trends currently taking the industry by storm:

1. Nutricosmetics are here to stay

Although nutricosmetics hit the marketplace in the 1980s, they are now on the brink of a major revolution. “The global market for nutricosmetics was worth US$5.1-billion last year and will reach US$8.3-billion by 2027. Ingestible beauty is the future, but remember, not all ingestible beauty supplements are created equal. Check the ingredients to ensure you get the best,” says Toni Carroll, founder of beauty supplement brand My Beauty Luv.

2. Expect more plant-derived (rather than laboratory-created) ingredients

“New scientific methods for testing, extracting and processing plant-derived ingredients like chlorophyll are now available,” Carroll explains. “Still, be sceptical of ingredients that suddenly reach god-like status - make sure there’s enough research backing your beauty choices.”

3. Homecare solutions will continue to grow

At-home skincare was a necessity in 2020 and 2021, with skincare tools such as gua sha’s and jade rollers rising in popularity, and according to Carroll, it’s not going away. However the game-changer will be medical aesthetic professional skincare brands (that you can only purchase through your clinic or salon) offering medical-grade solutions that consumers can use at home.

“Also, home galvanic machines, home laser and home light therapy devices have advanced significantly, so the trend to use homecare beauty devices will grow too,” she adds.

4. Kindness is essential

Vegan skincare and beauty were the fastest-growing category within beauty for 2021. Even consumers who are not eating a vegan diet, identify with the ‘cleaner, kinder, gentler’ philosophy.

“In response, My Beauty Luv is extending our product range, starting with vegan-friendly products in 2022, including highly advanced anti-ageing products with uniquely sourced ingredients to enhance your beauty inside and out, says Carroll”

5. Some beauty staples become mainstays of comfort

Ingredients move in and out of fashion all the time, but Vitamin E, for instance, is used in base formulas for the vast majority of skincare brands. “It’s a comfort that these staple beauty ingredients are gaining attention again - they are tried and tested.”

6. More discerning beauty choices

People are becoming far more discerning in their beauty choices, Carroll says. “With the sheer volume of skincare brands available and the unbelievable choices we have today as consumers, most people have more skincare products today than ever before, but they’re focusing on quality.”

7. Anti-stress is the new anti-ageing

Some ranges are focusing on anti-stress rather than anti-ageing, but the two are very intertwined. Carroll says: “Beauty has become more holistic, which is a very good thing, as we start to understand the connection between stress and ageing. It will continue to grow and brands will start to evolve too, to accommodate this awakening.”

8. Skin protectors take centre stage - but don’t be fooled by blue-light promises

SPFs and other skin protectors have been firm favourites for a while now, and people are starting to pay attention to blue-light damage from screens too. “It is a while off, but the company that invents a topical, practical solution that stops blue-light penetrating the dermal layers will completely revolutionise the industry,” Carroll explains.

9. The ‘skinification’ of hair

“Quite a few trailblazing products are making scalp care sexy,” Carroll says. These new treatments are also transforming popular favourites, like Brazilian blowouts and other typical ‘hair beautifying’ treatments, to be safer, cleaner and greener.

10. Crafted bacteria will really take off

Carroll believes that the future of all beauty and health will be carefully crafted, unique bacteria strains. “Not the half-dead ones you purchase as probiotics on the shelves, but live, edible cultured bacteria done in the comfort of your own home. We will literally be eating our beauty products.”

“As the industry continues to evolve, we look forward to seeing what 2022 has in store when it comes to new innovations that will take the beauty world to the next level,” she concludes.

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