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Chanel’s new clean beauty line is the next generation of skincare

French fashion house Chanel has launched a new beauty line. The collection, called No 1 de Chanel, is described as “a new generation of beauty,” and is both holistically and environmentally-conscious.

The nine-piece collection includes skincare, makeup and fragrance categories and has been created around red camellia extract. Rumoured to be Coco Chanel’s favourite flower, the camellia carries anti-ageing properties.

The collection is produced in an open-air laboratory in Gaujacq, France and each product is developed according to a strict formulation charter with up to 97 percent naturally-derived ingredients and 76 percent of the camellia (most of which are petals and seeds).

When it comes to the packaging, sustainability is key. 90 percent bio-based materials, recyclable glass bottles, and organic ink are just some of the strategies used to reduce their environmental impact. All products are free of cellophane and instead of leaflets, products are printed with a QR code linking you digitally to further information.

The bottles have also been reduced in weight by 30 percent, as lighter shipping costs mean a lighter carbon footprint for each product. In addition, the byproduct waste has also been included into certain products - the cap of the refillable Revitalizing Cream isn't made of solid plastic. Instead, it's been hollowed out and filled with crushed camellia seeds which can be used as part of the application process.

This is the first refillable and cleanest makeup line from Chanel to date. The full range includes a powder-to-foam cleanser, eye cream, serum, fragrance mist, foundation, and Revitalizing Lotion.

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