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Worry rocks are being praised for their calming qualities, so here's how to use them to de-stress and calm your mind

Worry rocks are one of the latest wellness trends to emerge in 2022, yet precious little is known about them.

Ever since we were forced to accept the ‘new normal’ following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, worry has become a constant companion for many of us: whether it's fretting over travel arrangements, readjusting to restrictions in the wake of the omicron variant, or simply wondering if this is ever, ever going to end.

But if we've learned one thing over the past two years, it's that we're resilient. We've tried and tested plenty of mindfulness techniques, fitness routines (my personal fave is exercise snacking), and wellness crazes, to tide us through uncertain periods. And guess what? We've got a good feeling about worry rocks.

So err, what are they? Emma Lucy Knowles, an author and founder of Emma Lucy Rocks, explains that worry rocks are crystals, which “gently pulse and vibrate – they hit a signal a frequency within our own vibration that allows us to uplift beyond old patterns of thought of being – releasing the pattern in our energetic body has massive effects on our mind set and our ability to focus even on the stormiest of days.”

Emma explains that crystals have a power to “soothe, heal, and cleanse our energetic body, and working with us to draw in all that we desire," adding that we can harness them to “alleviate all that which no longer serves us or to manifest what we desire, and shift the energy that seemingly holds us back from getting there mentally and physically.”

Emma explains the story behind her passion for crystals, saying, "As a kid I had a set of worry dolls that I whispered my sweet worries in to at night, so that as I hit the pillow I had given myself that space to sleep a little more soundly at mind.

“As I got older I recognised I was now doing this with the healing energies of the crystals, so I was verbalising my worries, my thoughts whilst holding these energy wizards in my hands, like audible journaling.”

She adds that the crystals can soothe feelings of worry, saying that, “[crystals] can align the body into a more balanced state, which leans aways from feelings of unrest in the body such as anxiety – and there is this massive wave of release and relief that comes from putting those worries somewhere other than in the mind bank.

“The more you work with them the easier that peace is found of course, so there is a need to be patient and kind with yourself which I feel the tactility of these [worry rocks] give you.”

So what's the difference between crystals and worry rocks? Well, physically there's not much difference. It's more about how they can be used spiritually, as Emma explains, “Worry rocks were born [because] I wanted to create a special connection between the carrier and their crystal, a dream team that they could feel comfort from their tactility and to breath their worries into and at the same time their healing vibe could tend to the carrier, to comfort and soothe them.”

If you're feeling skeptical, Emma has your back. She says, “I believe that feeling is believing – so the set comes with a mini ritual. If you are not a crystal obsessive (yet!!), or don’t really know what to do, you can use the guidance to help connect to your intuition, which is deeply rewarding and empowering.”

However, if you feel that your worry might actually be anxiety or stress, it's always a good idea to chat to a medical professional, such as your GP, about it.

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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