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Mirrored manicures are everywhere right now

With Instagram constantly revising its algorithm (finally, chronological feeds are back!), the one thing I can always rely on is some really fricken' good nail art hitting my feed. And lately I've been seeing nail artists like Eri Ishizu love mirrored manicures, such as the icy stiletto set she recently gave Lizzo.

For those brave (and talented enough) souls who do their own nails at home, I tapped Ishizu to give some pointers, suggestions, and product recommendations required to create the perfect metallic nails.

"If you're using non-white topcoats on gel polish, only cure for about 30 seconds with UV light [for] 15 seconds," she says. Ishizu advises repeating the application process twice to make sure to get the same coverage of chrome powder with gel. Apres makes an array of gel extension products that Ishizu keeps in her nail kit, like Apres Gel-X long Stiletto nails and the brands' Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat.

I can't help but hop on board a good nail trend, and mirrored manicures will have their chance to shine at my next appointment. Ahead, you'll find a mood board that ranges from minimalistic to intricate designs. Help me decide which one to pick.

Silver Smileys

Going with the French manicure trend, @staceymachin created a silver smiley 2D design that literally pops out at you from every nail. This design is seriously helping my seasonal depression with cheery, iced-out, metallic smiley faces.

Image: @staceymachin/Instagram

3D Jewels

Both the gigantic metallic teardrops and the cross on the middle finger have me feeling nostalgic about my rebellious teenage phase where I wore earrings with a similar design for a year straight. While I've always wanted to try clear acrylic extensions, I'm wondering what the weight of these jewels must feel like on her nails. Either way, this look goes hard.

Image: @theset.bykj/Instagram

Dripping In Chrome

We've all seen it: dripping French manicures in an array of colors. But chrome? Now that's something new. The design reminds me of a hot summer day holding an ice cream cone as your flavor of choice drips down your knuckles. What's more, @basecoatandchill crafted an interesting play on color — depending on where the light hits, the nails shine in different hues of silver.

Rainbow French Manicure

Keeping things chic and simplistic, @basecoatstories created a metallic rainbow of colors across her client's nail beds. With a simple pop of color at the tips, it's as if each finger was gently immersed into a pot of metallic hues. This delivers a clean and universal design that will have no trouble matching an array of different outfits — just as long as it doesn't chip!

Image: Instagram/@basecoatstories

Hot Pink Natural Nails

Keeping things classic but with a twist, @tayocuts gave her client an electric pink manicure from top to bottom. The result is so shiny, it almost gives off a mirrored effect as her natural, square-shaped nails glisten in the light.

Image: Instagram/@tayocuts

Double French Manicure

This gold manicure is like nothing I've seen before: @polishedbylolo doubled up on the French manicure, creating a gold line underneath the typical tip of the nail. My olive-toned skin can't wait to have this color beaming across my nailbeds.

Image: Instagram/@polishedbylolo

Bedazzled Coffin Manicure

I had to take a few close looks at @wuzg00d's nails to fully appreciate all the intricate details. This one took time: @finesseyourclaws glued the chrome jewels on, one-by-one. I can't get over how well this look came together (note the matching metallic corset). Each nail is so unique that I'm having a hard time picking out which one's my favourite.

Rose Gold Tips

Neat and tidy is all I can think of when admiring the freshly trimmed and moisturized cuticles, up to the flawlessly curved French tips. For someone who wouldn't usually put "rose gold" on their list of polish colors to try next, these metallic tips by @curedbyjae have me feeling some type of way.

Colourful Foil Nails

Remember foil nails? These brought back some memories: in the early 2000s, I recall using a clear topcoat that cracked my polish into pieces along my nailbeds, but @deannacoles_ really did something here. My guess is that the artist used colourful foil papers that separated upon application, and then sealed each paper in with a generous topcoat. Up for the challenge?

This article was originally published on Allure.

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