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4 Natural Treatments to eliminate Wrinkles

To act on wrinkles with clear results you need to think smartly and get to the bottom of the matter: if you want to reduce the visibility of wrinkles on the forehead, under the eyes, around the mouth, both expression wrinkles and deep ones, it is It is useful to know how the skin works and which treatments really work .

Let's consider the skin of the face divided into two layers:

  • the epidermis - the most superficial layer, which is mainly taken care of from the outside with skincare, the daily application of moisturizing creams
  • the dermis - the deepest layer, where the anti-wrinkle face cream cannot reach, but it is precisely here that the supporting structure of the skin is located and biological processes such as the synthesis of collagen and elastin by the mitochondria take place

Acting directly in the dermis is the only way to have a truly visible effect on the skin on the surface. Of course, applying a good anti-wrinkle cream every day is essential, because hydration and brightness are also obtained from the outside, strengthening the skin barrier and preventing water loss. But the action in the deeper layer of the skin is far more important for smoother and firmer skin. And to do this there are two possibilities :

  • aesthetic medicine , which acts directly in the dermis with micro-invasive treatments with needles such as biorevitalization or botox, or cosmetic surgery with
  • high tech beauty devices for use at home which, through their technologies, manage to reach the dermis and stimulate collagen production.

If you want to enhance your skincare routine, but aesthetic medicine or surgery are not for you due to the fear of needles and scalpels and the high costs of medical treatments, choose a beauty device that works by supporting the production of collagen in the skin and reducing wrinkles in a natural way, because it stimulates natural processes, strengthening the supporting structure of the skin. Here are the 4 best beauty devices that represent an investment in the beauty and longevity of facial skin.

4 high-tech beauty devices to use if you want to take care of your facial skin (and make it age as late as possible and in the best possible way)

LED Face Mask

It quickly became the most loved device because it is suitable for everyone, it is very easy to use, requires little time and shows its results immediately. The LED mask is left on the face for a few minutes a day (every day if you can, but also every other day) and it does everything: with the different wavelengths of its LED light it is able to penetrate the dermis and stimulate circulation and the production of collagen and elastin, supporting cell regeneration.

Facial lifting effect device

Don't let the word "current" scare you: devices that use microcurrent and nanocurrent do not shock and do no harm, because they use two very light and imperceptible types of current, which can act on the facial muscles to lift them. They work a bit like a face workout. The microcurrent works directly on the muscle, making it contract and relax, and from this action comes an immediate lifting effect that is visible after one session and lasts up to 72 hours, with higher and fuller cheeks, raised eyebrows and a more defined facial contour. The nanocurrent, on the other hand, acts in the dermis on the deeper skin cells, activating a repair and rejuvenation mechanism and collagen stimulation, which appears within six weeks with a firmer and brighter complexion and a reduction in wrinkles.

Home Facial Radio Frequency Device

Until recently, radiofrequency was an aesthetic medicine treatment that could only be performed in an institute. Thanks to new technologies it is possible to obtain excellent results of facial radiofrequency even at home with some extraordinary devices, which act on the stimulation of collagen, toning relaxed skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-wrinkle facial laser

The use of laser as a method to combat wrinkles and skin laxity has been widespread for many years, but for a long time, it was the prerogative of dermatologists and aesthetic doctors. Thanks to new technology devices, it is also possible to use powerful and effective lasers at home, which do not hurt and do not leave marks on the skin. With the laser, a global rejuvenation of the skin is achieved, ranging from an anti-wrinkle action to that of a more compact skin texture.

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