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5 essential night-time skincare routines to start now

Image from Pexels
Image from Pexels

As fancy as a night-time skincare routine may sound, it is actually hyped because it works.

Image from Pexels

Night-time is the only time when your body and skin get to rest from damaging sunlight, pollution, or dirt. That’s why its important to make the most of this time, and give the best of the ingredients to your skin.

Not only does this help your skin with looking youthful, but it also makes sure that your skin remains smooth.

Here are five essential tips to keep in mind before going to bed:

Face wash with salicylic acid

Make sure that your face is washed with a face wash containing salicylic acid.

This ensures that your skin remains smooth and free from acne and blemishes

Use a mild scrub

Although you need to scrub your face on a regular basis, using a mild scrub at night will help to remove the dead skin cells from your skin pores and will allow new cells to resurface.

Apply moisturising cleansing milk

Moisturise your face well before going to bed. When your skin is moisturised well, it will have some time to deal with other skin issues without looking for hydration all night.

The application of moisturising with cleansing milk before bedtime is to hydrate your skin all night as it will also allow your skin to breathe.

Toner for smooth skin

After you have applied your cleansing milk, complete this ritual by applying a toner that suits your skin type.

Use a hydrating moisturiser

Lastly, before you finally go off to bed apply a hydrating moisturiser that contains aloe vera.

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