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Anush Movsesian’s 7 tips for healthy skin and combating maskne in 2021

When it comes to health, 2021 is the year to make a change. In the wake of the global pandemic in 2020, we now have more knowledge than ever about the food we eat, the products we use, our fitness level, mental health, hygiene, and how all of these elements intertwine to allow us to live the most balanced and happy lives possible.

And although it’s been a tough journey of discovery, it’s been one that’s worthwhile.

One of the key health elements that has recently come to the forefront is skin, our largest organ. Wearing masks at nearly every moment of the day has undoubtedly altered our skin health, but also, changed the way we feel about ourselves.

So many of us feel a boost in confidence when wearing makeup or products that brighten your skin, and when almost half of your face is concealed, your self-perception may waiver as well. But Anush Movsesian has a solution - seven, to be exact.

Anush - a Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner that specialises in aesthetic medicine and provides injectables, skin rejuvenating treatments as well as skincare consultations - has a passion for beauty and helping others build their confidence through injectables, skin rejuvenating treatments, and skincare consultations.

Anush believes anti-aging starts at home, and with the help of her specialised skincare plans, the anti-aging process can be seamless.

Anush is known to be one of the most sought after injectors and skin consultants, and a true favourite of many celebrities and VIP names.

Her goal as an injector is to always deliver natural results to simply enhance her patient’s inherent beauty and promote healthy glowing skin.

By using subtle facial sculpting and creating individualized skincare treatment plans, she strives to build self-confidence in men and women of all ages.

Combining the science of medicine and the art of aesthetics, Anush wants to help her patients recognise the first signs of aging and help slow it down or reverse it - especially now that “maskne” is a major concern.

Anush’s expert tips and tricks to maintaining skin health during this pivotal time has provided tremendous insight for her patients, and she is dedicated to educating others about beauty and skincare during COVID, as well as to create a personalised “maskne” combative routine.

Speaking exclusively with GLAMOUR South Africa, Anush shares her top 7 tips for keeping your skin healthy and happy in 2021!

1. Hydration and clean eating are priorities.

“I recommend drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, eat as clean as possible, and protect your skin from the environment by using SPF and Vitamin C daily,” Anush explains.

2. Double cleanse after daily mask use.

After wearing a mask all day, your skin needs all the help it can get. Your nightly skincare routine has never been more critical, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to promote skin health and safety. Anush’s expert advice? “I highly recommend double cleansing at night. Clear skin starts with clean skin.”

3. SPF is key.

The ultimate key to youthful skin is protecting it from the sun. Anush recommends the use of “SPF during the day to protect against the UVA and UVB rays”

4. Cosmetic work is a confidence booster.

Anush’s goal is to always help “women feel better about themselves” by “bringing out their inner goddess.” She does this through cosmetic treatments, which truly allows her patients to feel their best selves.

“Cosmetic work can boost your self-confidence by either enhancing your natural beauty or improving certain facial features that might be the cause of an insecurity,” she explains.

“During a pandemic, so many people are feeling down, even the tiniest change can improve your well-being.” Simply stated, do what makes you feel like the best version of yourself!

5. Do your research.

When it comes to discovering new skincare trends, finding out what might work best for you, or locating a skincare specialist you trust and want to work with, spend time exploring and learning in order to make a plan.

“The internet is at your fingertips. It is best to do thorough research on whoever will be performing the procedure. While Instagram is useful, in my opinion, word of mouth is the number one source, and frankly, the most reliable source, for referrals in this industry,” Anush notes of finding a specialist you can trust with your skincare goals.

“In 2020 we saw so much information released in the media about both skin care and self-care. So, with all this knowledge, 2021 is the time to really use what we know to take care of ourselves.”

6. Be consistent with skincare essentials

Incorporate products into your daily and nightly routine that your skin craves! “I suggest Vitamin C during the day to brighten up your skin,” Anush shares. “It is important to use your retinol and your acids at night to boost collagen production and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.”

7. Try at-home treatments

We still don’t have access to everything we did pre-pandemic, when it comes to certain cosmetic procedures, so Anush recommends getting creative at home. “Skin treatments appear to be trending more than injectables.

In 2020, fillers and injections were not available to us while we were stuck at home, but skin treatments are something that we can do ourselves. So, we began to see a shift in the popularity of treatments,” she notes.

However, as the world starts to open back up, now is the perfect time to balance at-home treatments with cosmetic procedures. Anush’s favorite for her clients? “Microneedling + PRP for overall skin rejuvenation.”

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