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Crystals for your skin type: What each does and which one’s best for you

Good vibrations.

Imagine you’re on a date. They walk in and you feel instant chemistry. Intuitively, you can gauge whether they give you the feels. You can’t explain why, it’s just a vibe. Well, crystals work in much the same way.

We’re all a bit more open-minded when it comes to alternative therapies these days. In terms of beauty and wellness, we’re beginning to value how products and treatments make us feel, just as much as how they make us look. Crystal healing may seem a tad kooky, but we might be into it. The question is, what’s going on behind that tough exterior? And how do we get our rocks off?

Short for “vibrations” vibes are the intangible energy or aura you get from a person or situation. You’ve probably heard people talk about the vibrations that crystals omit, but it turns out there’s a lot of truth to it.

What is the science behind crystals?

“Everything contains vibrational energy; from our own bodies to stationary objects, which are constantly fluctuating at varying frequencies,” explains Amelia Rynkowska, founder of Cult of Treehouse. But crystals are on another level. “Crystals are the earth's DNA,” says Jasmine Glover, Global Education Manager at Odacité. “They’re miniature storehouses of power – and although a crystal may look outwardly serene, there’s a swirling molecular mass vibrating within at a certain frequency. This is what gives a crystal its energy,” she explains.

We can’t see it, of course, which raises eyebrows. For the skeptics though, there’s some pretty convincing evidence. “Crystals are widely used in the world of science, particularly quartz (or silicon dioxide as it's referred to in the scientific world), says Jill Urwin, founder of conscious lifestyle brand, She's Lost Control. The reason? They’re incredible conductors of energy. “Their atomic structure invests them with a kind of memory, meaning that they can store, conduct and transmit energy with precision,” says Jill. That’s why they’re in the control boards of our laptops, the chips that go into our iPhones and our watches.

Although science has excelled in measuring and utilising crystals in the world of technology, it’s been slow to measure their impact on our own minds and bodies. “However, theorists recognise their ability to stabilise, regulate and amplify our own energy field in exactly the same way as they're used in technology,” says Jill.

They’re not the only ones. The purported spiritual and emotional benefits of crystals go back generations. “The Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used crystals in rituals to protect or heal," confirms Jasmine. "Likewise, Traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic Medicine are both over 5,000 years old and have used crystals for centuries to realign balance”. So while crystal healing's not new, it's still a relatively fledgling concept for westerners.

How can crystals help our skin?

Translated to our body and skin, crystals are thought to help transport energy around our body, absorbing negative energy, shifting blockages and transmitting positive energy. It's all about proximity, which is why celebs like Adele, Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry have all admitted to keeping crystals close by. But for beauty, this can work by using crystal infused skincare or crystal tools like rollers and gua shas.

“If your skincare product has a natural base, the crystal will change the molecular structure, so when it penetrates the skin you'll benefit from the rebalancing properties of the stone,” says Jill. “They work by drawing out the ancient, strong and grounding energy stored in the stone, and imprinting it onto the carrier, in our case water or oil,” adds Amelia. “These subtle energetic properties are then absorbed by the skin.”

“The gua sha and rollers work in a similar way energetically but with the additional lymphatic and massage benefits," says Jill "Keeping the beauty ritual as mindful as possible and targeting potential energetic and physical blockages is more important than the specific tools you use,” she adds.

But beyond vibrations, “the minerals found in crystals can have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties,” says intuitive Healer, Yelena Konova at the Natali Kelly clinic. “If you’re experiencing dryness, itchiness, redness, puffiness, dullness, or acne, these conditions can potentially be improved with a little help from the right crystals”.

The physical properties of stones can offer some tangible results, too. “Powdered gemstones (including amethyst and quartz) blended into a face wash can naturally exfoliate skin, sloughing away dead cells and improving the complexion,” says Amelia. “Powdered stones can also be used for their light refracting properties, creating a topical illuminating or glowy effect,” she says. As for gua shas and rollers “they can cool, depuff and relax the skin, by improving circulation and providing lymphatic drainage," Amelia says. "The energetic properties of jade as it is rolled or pushed along the skin, for instance, reacts with human energy, which calms the mind and imbues inner peace.”

Which crystals are good for skin and how do we choose the one for us?

When it comes to choosing your crystal, you could let those vibrations do the work for you. There will likely be one colour that you're naturally drawn to. “You might remember from school, colour is all about waves of light vibrating at different frequencies, so the colour of a crystal is determined by its vibration,” explains Jill. “It's this specific frequency that aligns with our own energetic chakra system. A green stone, for instance, vibrates at the same frequency as our heart chakra, which is why we feel specific emotions and activations from different kinds of crystals.” But for a closer look at each of the benefits, check our our guide below...


Best for circulation

"The crystal of love and compassion, this supports the heart easing circulation and respiration while releasing blockages associated to love and self-care," says Jill For a bit of self-care it's good to use this directly on the chest, she says. As for our complexions, "rose quartz is great for boost glow and increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage," says Yelena.


Best for balancing

"Jade balances the yin and yang, so it's a popular stone for use in skincare for restorative purposes," says Jill. "It helps with signs of ageing, strengthens the skin," adds Yelena.


Best for reducing stress and inflammation

"Amethyst, supports the mind and aids better sleep patterns, releasing tension and stress, particularly around the forehead (third eye), brow area and temples," says Jill. "It's anti-inflammatory, and helps with rosacea, cell regeneration and soothing," explains Yelena.


Best for brightening

"Citrine has brightening properties," says Amelia. "It's a stone that's known for radiating light and warmth," she adds.


Best for healing

"Quartz is known as the ‘Master Healer’ and is one of the most multifaceted stones with energising, amplifying and balancing properties," says Amelia/

This originally appeared on GLAMOUR UK | Elle Turner

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