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Chromatic effect: Healing properties

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Colours are vibrations of energy with exceptional healing properties. Here’s how to channel them correctly to improve your life and mind.

Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a non- invasive,

Essentially, every colour has a fixed wavelength, frequency and amount of energy by which it can be characterised. In turn, all atoms, organs and cells in our body exist as energy, with their own frequency and vibrations. When parts of the body deviate from these energy levels, it’s said that our physical body doesn’t function at its best, which jeopardises our mental and emotional wellbeing. Colour can be used to rebalance this energy.

These energies, along with their complementary colours, resonate with the seven chakras (also known as energy centres) of the body, believed to promote mental health and wellness.

Thus, when implementing colour therapy, it’s essential to know about the healing properties of colours and how they align with the significance of each chakra.

The chakras

1 The root

The root chakra is red and is located at the base of the spine. Its function is that of grounding, physical survival and stability. When the root chakra’s blocked, it manifests as anxiety and jitteriness. You might experience frequent daydreaming, trouble concentrating or a spaced-out feeling. In colour therapy, red is the colour of life force and our connection to the earth. It penetrates deep into the aura and physical body, providing a solid, grounding energy.

2 The sacral

Located between the base of the spine and the navel, the sacral chakra is orange and governs the emotions of desire, pleasure, sexuality and creativity. When these energies are out of balance, you may suffer from issues such as addiction and over-indulgence. On the other hand, an underactive sacral chakra could lead to a lack of passion, creativity and joy. Thus, healing through orange cultivates a happy medium between enjoyment and over-indulgence. “On the mental side, orange is brilliant for creativity and thoughtfulness,” says Sharon Sinclair, alternative healer and owner of mindful business consultancy, Chandramala, in Cape Town. “It energises the body and stimulates feelings of socialness.”

3 The solar plexus

The solar plexus chakra is yellow and is known as the powerhouse of the ego. It sits between the navel and the sternum and is the source of all our power. When energy isn’t flowing freely through this chakra, it causes a lack of self- confidence and self-worth. People with a weak solar plexus may possess a pessimistic and victim mentality. However, the stimulating properties of yellow – confidence, communication and willpower – help to open it up. “Yellow’s great for helping with confrontation and commitment issues.”

4 The heart

The heart chakra is the centre of love, compassion and kindness, and has a green vibrational light. In terms of the chakra, blockages may amount to having issues in your interpersonal relationships, being emotionally distant and irritable. Green can be used to re-energise the heart chakra stimulating empathy, compassion, self-love and sociability. An effective way to do this is to spend time in nature.

5 The throat

The throat chakra is a calming turquoise-blue. With properties of being pure, soothing, and tranquil, this energy influences the way we communicate, listen and interact with others. It clears the mind and allows us to express ourselves thoughtfully. Blue can be used to charge the throat chakra at times when communicating effectively is vital, such as during a job interview or when giving a speech. On a physical level, blue energy is said to strengthen the voice and heal ailments such as laryngitis.

6 The brow

Also known as the third eye, the brow chakra is indigo and is located on the forehead, slightly above eye level. It’s the centre of spirituality and influences your intuition, inner vision and wisdom. Your dreams and ambitions, as well as recollections of the past, are stored in this chakra. When there’s a blockage in this region, problems such as selective memory, lack of foresight and depression may manifest. Research in psychology has shown that indigo strengthens the right brain and increases our intuition and insight. Using indigo in conjunction with other spiritual practices can, therefore, help alleviate these issues.

7 The crown

The seventh and final chakra is the crown chakra, located at the top of the head. It’s associated with the cerebral cortex, and governs your ability of perception, understanding and storage of information. It mirrors the symbolism of violet, which conveys intuition, perception, integrity and wisdom. Violet can be used to stimulate these qualities and physically strengthen the relevant parts of the body.

Ways to implement healing through colour

• Wear the colour. A turquoise necklace around the throat chakra will help with communication, for example.

• Eat colourful, plant-based food. Adding green, leafy vegetables to your diet can help open up the heart chakra. • Drink herbal teas. Herbal or fruit teas help induce a state of relaxation while allowing you to absorb the colour you need.

Meditate with coloured crystals. Placing them along the relevant chakra areas will help clear psychological and mental blocks.

• Use colour in your home. “Scatter cushions, bedding, bathroom accessories, crockery and artwork on your wall can create amazing changes in your life,” says Sharon.

• Be mindful of colour. “Notice how differently you think and feel when implementing a certain colour. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, it may not be the time to stimulate that chakra. Rather focus on another area.”

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