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Veaudry™ is transforming beauty with innovative care technology

Veaudry™ leads the beauty industry with a powerful philosophy: TECHNOLOGY THAT CARES. Established in 2006, Veaudry™ represents a dedication to enhancing natural beauty and preserving hair vitality through cutting-edge technology, thanks to visionary entrepreneur Michelle Stanton (nee Veaudry).

At the core of Veaudry's™ pursuit of excellence lies its groundbreaking Tourmaline technology, elevating ceramic heat styling tools. This innovation uses (FAR) infrared rays to penetrate the hair's cuticle layer, ensuring even heating, colour preservation, and maximum shine—a transformative process prioritizing hair health and vibrancy.

What sets Veaudry™ apart is its emphasis on empowering users with temperature control, recognizing that all hair types, curl patterns, and conditions are unique. This feature allows for precision and customization based on individual needs, ensuring a professional styler that understands the diversity of hair.

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Explore Veaudry's™ premium hair styling tools, each meticulously designed to elevate your styling experience:

1) The myCurl Multi-Barrel Curling Iron Set, a versatile 5-in-1 system, allows you to create a myriad of styles by customizing your perfect curler with the VEAUDRY™ myCurl Interchangeable system. Start with the BASE and add your preferred accessories to achieve the ideal curl.

2) The myStyler & myStyler Colossal, also featuring Natural Tourmaline Technology for hair protection and a natural sheen, offer versatile hairstyling from sleek straight looks to bouncy curls, ensuring a smooth finish. myStyler provides precision hairstyling for all hair types, while myStyler Colossal offers fast and sleek styling, perfect for long or thick hair

3) Designed for convenience and comfort, the myDryer features an ergonomic grip and an extra-long cord, facilitating easy manoeuvrability. Its lightweight and compact design make it the perfect companion for on-the-go styling.

4) Complete your styling toolkit with Veaudry's™ accessories, including the myDetangler, myBrush, and myCrocGrip. Crafted to complement your routine, these accessories ensure a seamless and professional finish every time you style your hair.

VeaudryTM embodies a philosophy centered on caring technology. The brand's commitment surpasses being just hair tools; choosing Veaudry™ is an investment in a journey to enhance natural beauty and safeguard hair vitality. The collaborative efforts of leading stylists and technologists manifest in Veaudry's™ products, showcasing a perfect synergy of innovation and craftsmanship.

Veaudry's™ success speaks volumes about its dedication to quality and innovation. Michelle Stanton's journey, from recognizing the need for healthier heat styling to redefining beauty standards, exemplifies innovation, dedication, and empowerment. The introduction of tourmaline marked a turning point for Veaudry™, culminating in the groundbreaking myStyler in 2006, designed to straighten while preserving hair integrity, locking in moisture, and enhancing shine.

Veaudry™, where technology meets care, stands as a testament to a legacy rooted in allowing individuals to authentically express themselves while safeguarding the health and vitality of their hair. Michelle Stanton, a pioneer in reshaping the hair styling landscape, plays a pivotal role in Veaudry's™ success through her steadfast commitment to quality and innovation.

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