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DJ Zinhle preps for mother and daughter cooking lessons after being ousted by her daughter

After being innocently ousted for not knowing how to cook by her 8-year-old daughter Kairo, the award-winning DJ Zinhle, who has been rocking Mzansi dance floors for years, is set for some mom and daughter cooking lessons.

This comes after Kairo Forbes, the DJ mom’s daughter with the later Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, answered a round of rapid fire questions; including what was her favourite food, that her mother prepared for her. Kairo innocently answered that her mom, whose real name is Zinhle Jiyane, did not know how to cook.

“My mom doesn’t cook for me. She doesn’t know how to cook.”

When probed further, Kairo said Zinhle did however like to make eggs for breakfast. But DJ Zinhle’s lack of talent in the kitchen is no secret, as she has revealed in her reality show ‘The Unexpected’, that she does not know how to cook.

In the show, Zinhle revealed that her house manager, Zama, is the one who takes care of the pots in her home. However, after being outed by her daughter, the popular DJ is now ready to change all of that and take cooking lessons with her daughter.

She said she was ready to take cooking lessons to learn how to cook more than just an egg.

“If you offer cooking lessons, let me know. I’d need to learn from the comfort of my own home though. Kairo and I will learn together,” she tweeted

Zinhle’s post was filled with many recommendations with chef Fikile Zungu being a top candidate and the DJ has even reached out to her already.

The original post can be found on iOl.

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