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GLAMOUR EXCLUSIVE: Buhlebendalo Mda talks Chosi, Gender-based violence and more

Buhlebendalo Mda GLAMOUR caught up with the talented Buhlebendalo Mda who has just released her debut album, Chosi. Buhle opens up about healing, spirituality, her dream music collaborations, 6 things you never knew about her and Gender-Based Violence

GLAMOUR: Tell us about your new album, Chosi. What was the inspiration behind the album and what would you like your fans to take away from it? 


In the Nguni language the word Chosi is a sign that a story is about to be told. It is also a word that manifests all our hopes and dreams. This body of work is inspired by what womxn in the world go through. I'm trying to send out prayers to the universe and grievances to people in power to finally hear our cry as womxn. I'm speaking healing unto self so it transcends to the broken souls. I'm just inviting people to my healing space. 

GLAMOUR: Your music is very emotive. Iwotshi is a fan favourite. What goes into your recording process that enables you to create music that touches people?


I always aspire to be relatable. We are living in times where authenticity is the order of the day. I believe life is too short to shy away from who you really are. 

GLAMOUR: Take us through the #ChosiChallenge


So, I've been getting beautiful feedback from people who purchased the album. I realized these songs play a different role for different souls. That is when I asked everybody to express how the album has touched them. They are free to express their art forms and how they connect to their favourite song. 

Buhlebendalo Mda


Thank you. shuuu!  Firstly, I've always dreamt to either work with Brenda or do a cover of all my favourite songs by her. So, in 2018 I was given the opportunity to coach a group of young womxn from UJ Azania Day House Choir for their annual Acapella competition. That is when we played around with popular songs, including my favourite "Too late for mama" I grew to love it more and more every day. I then wanted to give it my character and my own interpretation, where it starts as a beautiful slow jam to an upbeat hectic baseline jam, and still keeping the essence of the song. 

GLAMOUR: You already have such an impressive resume, is there a particular milestone that you’re still looking to achieve?


I want to grow spiritually. I want to be like Credo Mutwa. Where Humans find spiritual upliftment from me. I just want to Heal. That's All. 

GLAMOUR: Who would your dream musical collaboration be with and why?


They all passed. I would have liked to work with Busi Mhlongo and Brenda Fassie to mention a few, I feel there's a common thread of African spirituality that they carried which I wish we shared. 

Buhlebendalo Mda


That I'm not the same person they see on stage. I'm actually low key shy. 

GLAMOUR: What are the 6 things people would be surprised to find out about you?

·       I'm a terrible person to watch TV with, because I'm too observant and I over analyse.

·       Never take me to the cinema. I always sleep

·       I Snore

·       I snot when I laugh

·       I love cooking

·       I'm a ghetto snob

GLAMOUR: How do you navigate everyday life being Buhlebendalo Mda and also having a distinct voice, while finding ways to take care of yourself?


To be honest... I'm just winging it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Buhlebendalo Mda


I just feel like womxn's lives are not respected and honoured in society. I think that's where we should all start; we've always been seen like objects that can be thrown around. We are life bringers and caretakers of generations. Our role has always been misinterpreted. According to past norms, tradition, culture and religion, womxn have always come secondary. We have always been seen as people who HAVE to submit to whatever the man has deemed right, and that is why we are here still fighting to be the heads of society. It hurts me that womxn constantly need to prove that they are worthy to be part of a society than men. We need to break those misconception and rewrite the narrative. 

GLAMOUR: What are you most grateful for?


As cliché as it may sound. I'm grateful for Life. A womxn's life can easily be taken, so yes. I'm grateful for Life. 

GLAMOUR: What’s next for Buhle post COVID-19?


Spreading the Healing. Living my dream and drawing people and myself closer to self.

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Stream Buhlebendalo’s new album here.

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