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Kurzca chats body positivity and entering the global market

Multi-facet artist and model Charmy ’Kurzca’ Kurz is part of the new wave of African artists ready to shake things up in the hip hop industry, worldwide.

Her body positivity drive is making her stand out, resulting in a large following on social media.

The Namibian born star says it saddens her when society judges women’s bodies.

“I’m all about body positivity and no girl should ever feel insecure or ugly in her own skin.

“I had a very big bum and people use to laugh at it.”

The 26-year-old artist says she wants to remind women and young girls across the globe that we are all beautiful in any body size or shape.

The new kid on the block, Kurcza recently released a hit single Dat is Good, featuring Mzansi’s queen of hip hop Nadia Nakai, which has been making waves locally and internationally.

Commenting on the collaboration with Bragga, Kurzca says: “Well, I thank God for the great team behind me that made it happen shout-out to my team RTE (Records).

She’s a very down to earth person and I love her spirit.”

After the success of “Dat is Good”, Kurzca dropped another hit single Body Talk.

Besides her love for music, the star has a passion for painting.

“I’m not really a talker so I use art as a form of self-expression,” offers the star.

She continues: “I get my inspiration from my eyes because my eyes capture a lot of things.

“I paint a lot, I like doing very abstract free flowing no direction paintings with a very powerful message behind it.”

Her musical influences come from across the continent.

“I listen to a lot of African music.

“My dad always played a lot of old school and African music in the house, that’s how the bug kinda caught me and most of my songs are made with that inspiration.”

Kurzca is working on another project which she says she is not in a position to reveal right.

“I am planning on releasing a monster reptile and that’s all I can say for now,” said the star.


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