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Meet Nissi: The colorful, calculating and creative crooner establishing prominence in the music, fashion, tech & art scenes

Nissi can best be described as prolific, multifaceted and ambidextrous. Born in 1994 to a family of history-making luminaries, her infectious relationship with ambition, education, and achievement comes second to none. The University of Warwick (United Kingdom) alumna, who graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, is a renowned singer, songwriter, engineer, fine artist, recording artist, entrepreneur, animator, and creative director.

Nissi's first brush with the music industry traces back to September 2016 when her debut single "Criminal", followed by smash hits "Pay Attention" and "Familiar" garnered her fame and positioned her as a rising talent to watch. In 2019, Nissi released her vibrant single "Over Here", capitalising on the anticipation of a full body of work by releasing her highly anticipated EP, IGNITE, in July 2020, which was met with critical acclaim.

In-between hits such as "Move X2", Nissi accumulated notable success in the worlds of fine arts, animation, and tech. Through her animation production company, Creele Animation Studios, she has released a traditional, folklore-inspired animation, The Satchel. She accomplished all this in addition to being announced as the lead engineer who brought the 2022 Jaguar Land Rover to life and curating a digital museum experience through the release of her debut NFT "Jigsaw Tribe".

Off the back of her visual-treated new single, "Gravity", featuring South Africa's amapiano tastemakers Major League DJz, we caught up with Nissi where she shared with us some fun facts about herself, her bright fashion sense, NFTs, her trip to South Africa and more.


Glamour: As a singer, songwriter, engineer, fine artist, recording artist, entrepreneur, and creative director, you are the definition of a multi-hyphenate talent. But still, there is more to you than meets the eye. Could you share four things about Nissi that we don't know?

Nissi: I secretly wanted to become an astronaut or at least would like to go on a space voyage once in my lifetime. I can be a big goofball at times. I am obsessed with popcorn (just not the caramel-flavoured ones). I have quite a weird taste, it seems, in my food choices and things like ice cream flavours.

Glamour: From your infectious music videos to the fits, you do when taking over the corporate world, your sense of style is colourful and carefree. What is it about bright colours that are integral to your fashion sense?

Nissi: For me, I have always viewed the world from a very colourful point of view as my way of finding the bright side in everything. Plus, as an artist, there is a certain attractive and positive aura that our brains naturally associate with colours, which is a feeling I always want to give people. I use colours as a visual tool to convey emotion.

Major League DJz with Nissi

Glamour: Congratulations on your latest single, "Gravity", featuring Major League DJz complemented by a dazzling music video. For potential suitors out there who want to sweep you off your feet and defy the laws of gravity in your life, what is the key to your heart?

Nissi: Thank you so much! Lol, I don't think there's a key per se, it depends on many things, but genuine energy, I think, is always good.

Glamour: As a visual artist, you have taken the innovative plunge, joining the likes of Snoop Dogg, Mr Eazi and Anatii. The common thread of anxiety around NFTs is the lack of understanding of the value of NFTs and the instability of the NFT market. How would you guide/advise someone interested in investing in this digital economy?

Nissi: My advice would be to gather as much information on the space as possible with the guidance tools available such as the Binance NFT handbook, amongst many others, and then, from there, build your strategy in the best way that allows you to form a community. It is also good to look at what others have done and learn from that.

Glamour: We love your debut animation series, The Satchel, based on the traditional tale of Yoruba Deities: Obatala and Oduduwa. What is it about this tale that speaks to you, where you felt it important to create an animation short film honouring it?

Nissi: All African-rooted stories speak to me because there are so many of them to be told; this is what we at Creele Animation Studios aim to do with our animated productions in film/TV/Books etc. Our goal is to create an African Pixar/Dreamworks/Disney type of company that can bring our vast stories to the forefront.

Glamour: It is often said you can learn quite a lot about a culture and its people based on foods and their behaviour towards people. In your travel experience, which countries have given you the best cuisine experience and which have given you unforgettable wisdom? What did you learn?

Nissi: I would say, so far for cuisine, Spain. Unforgettable words of wisdom always come from home in Nigeria for me and are very often out of the lips of my grandfather or another wise man/woman.


Glamour: How was your recent trip to South Africa, what were you looking forward to the most?

Nissi: I was looking forward to experiencing the people, the food, the scenery, the spots and, of course, the energy of the crowd at the show, which was absolutely amazing. It was my first visit to SA, I look forward to coming back.

Glamour: Following your successful collaboration with Major League DJz, are there any other South African artists you would love to work with?

Nissi: Oh yeah, there are some really dope people out there. I think Musa Keys is one of those collabs I'd like to do. And on the DJ scene, DBN Gogo and Uncle Waffles are super dope too.

Glamour: Manifestation is an essential theme of our golden age. When you read this interview five years from now, what would you have liked to have achieved?

Nissi: I like to dream big, so I'll say world recognition of my work is what I want to achieve.

Words by Sheila Afari

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