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Pearl Thusi opens up about healing

Instagram: @pearlthusi

Media personality Pearl Thusi is known for saying exactly what she thinks on social media. She is also known for not backing down from a fight on Twitter streets.

Always one to hit back at trolls and do some trolling herself, the star seems to have turned a new page.

Over the past few days, the actress has weighed in on current affairs in South Africa in a series of tweets. However, her opinions were not well received by everyone.

Some social media users responded by hitting below the belt, but she says she's no longer bothered by social media trolls.

“I’ve healed guys ... I’m whole. I’m not perfect but I love who I am. Insulting me doesn’t work any more. I’m here to learn, engage and grow. We can disagree, that’s healthy but insulting me doesn’t get the same reaction any more. Don’t bother. I wanna have real chats here,” she wrote.

Earlier this month the Queen Sono star was accused of not reading the room after she said protestors would use books to start fires.

The original post on Twitter had a picture of popular bookstore Exclusive Books being the only outlet that was not looted during the protests. Pearl commented in a now-deleted post: “They’ll (protesters) use the books to start a fire”.

Angered Twitter users called her out as being “dumb” for giving looters the ”idea”, accusing her of not knowing how to “read the room”.

However, in a follow-up tweet, Pearl said that she dealt with stress by finding things to laugh at, and suggested that users were not forced to read her tweets.

"Guys I cope best with stress by finding things to laugh about. I’m sorry if you don’t like it. It’s my nature. Please block/mute me to save yourself,“ she tweeted.

Original article appeared on IOL

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