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Rihanna is being praised for sharing these beautiful photos breastfeeding her son RZA

Breastfeeding — I'm sorry, but remind me — why is it still so taboo again? Whenever a woman begins, you know, caring for her child in public, talking about her sore nipples, or, God forbid, bringing up the phrase “breast pump", a large subsection of society is guaranteed to freak out.

That's why I could not be more thrilled to see Rihanna has absolutely no qualms about proudly celebrating both the beauty and the reality of breastfeeding in a new series of Instagram photos. Rihanna has already paved the way for a new kind of maternity fashion with her bold, bump-out looks this year. Now, she's showing that post-partum fashion is nothing to be ashamed of either.

Released on Savage x Fenty's Instagram, the photos show Rihanna happily breastfeeding her son, Rza, who was born last year. The photos are part of a campaign for a series of new maternity bras, designed by Rihanna herself, to allow easy access and total support. “Not ur mama's maternity bras...designed by @badgalriri, approved by baby RZA 🫶🏾 #SavageXMaternity,” reads the caption. Wait — a maternity bra that is practical and comfortable and sexy? Sounds like a long overdue addition to the world of womenswear if you ask us!

Rihanna has previously spoken about her plans to breastfeed — “I’m praying my body allows me to,” she told Vogue in 2022, prior to Rza's birth. By the looks of things, her prayers came true.

The bras are currently on sale as part of Savage x Fenty's lingerie line for £45 and feature a nursing sling and a removing outer layer to make nursing easy.

What we love to see more than anything is just how supportive her fans have been of her breastfeeding photos. “Beautiful mama and baby!!! How exciting!!! Congrats RiRi 🥹💜💯💯💯,” one fan commented. “This brand did not exist when i was having babies..but it sure will when i become a grandma sometime down the road!🔥 this is precious!!!❤️” wrote another.

Society isn't always all that comfortable with breastfeeding, so it's great to see Ri's fans supporting these photos. And while breastfeeding isn't always right for everyone, no one should feel ashamed of doing it in public. Let's just hope Rihanna's campaign helps to normalise what is, after all, one of the most normal things a human can do. More of this please!

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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