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SEE: Tracee Ellis Ross encourages self-care

Tracee Ellis Ross. Image: Instagram Tracee Ellis Ross is encouraging self-care and telling people to look after themselves amid their activism.

As the Black Lives Matter movement protests continue in America and across the world, Tracee, 47, has shared a number of breathing exercises on her Instagram page to encourage people to look after themselves amid their activism.

She explained: "3 breathing exercises that can be done anywhere

"As these necessary tectonic shifts are happening in our world and as we are leaning into difficult, complex and sharp yet necessary conversations, we must also be active about our self care. We are at the beginning of transformation. And we have a movement to hold and guide us. But, it's a lot to feel and hold for the body and spirit. We want to honor where we are and also be able to lift up and through. I made this video a few days ago when my back was seized up (makes sense). I use breath to connect me to the present moment and to create space in my body. I use sound as a way to release vibrationally and energetically.

"Sending everyone love and light (sic)."

Tracee has been campaigning for the Black Lives Matter movement and has called for people to "show up in their own most effective way".

She recently said: "There are so many feelings surging around in my head and my heart right now. Like all of us, I am grieving and heartbroken, sad, outraged and trying to take right action.

"I recognize the power of my platform, but also the limits of my knowledge so I am mindful of what I say, how I speak and what I post. I always want to be helpful, effective and supportive, if I can be.

"What is clear is that systems and hearts must change. I want justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and so many others and for that to happen, we must all take part. Diversity of approach, thought and resources is what I believe is required in these difficult, scary and hard times. Everyone must show up in their own most effective way. I am finding mine.

"As always, I love us. I love my people. I know our beauty and our power and I want us to be safe, I want our bodies to be safe and I want us to be free and to be treated with the dignity that we deserve. Please donate to @blklivesmatter. Their link is in my bio (sic)."

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