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Tems’ new podcast ‘Leading Radio Vibe’ is empowering women to find their voice

Nigerian singer-songwriter Tems is getting personal.

The Crazy Tings hitmaker has launched her own podcast, titled Leading Vibe Radio on Apple Music.

The new biweekly radio series will “shine a light on women, artists, and creatives that are finding their way, finding their voice, and talking about how to be good soil—something that greatness can grow out of,” and bring “Africa to the world,” she says.

In the first episode, released on 2 April 2022, Tems gets candid about her childhood, life lessons, creative process, and taste in music, while answering questions from her co-manager Muyiwa and brother Tunji.

The trio also expand on the broader theme and meaning of Leading Vibe - a phrase that was popularised from her 2018 single Mr Rebel. “Leading Vibe is really what it says: leading the vibe and creating opportunities for people, creating an alternative, and helping people navigate life. It’s helping people to become leaders, helping people to find their own voice, their own sound, their own thing—and to get the best of life.”

In an interview with Glamour SA back in November, Tems revealed how she took time and put intention into finding her own musical sound - one which was not influenced by any other singer music style. Now, she wants to help others do the same.

“Finding a sound, and finding your own thing is really just the beginning to evolution. I want that for everybody. If everyone found their thing, life would be so much easier in general—especially coming from Africa where it's really hard to find your thing. Because when you're in survival mode, you're not thinking about yourself or finding the ‘inner you’ or doing anything. You really just want to make money and be great and you want to come out of the struggle. I want that for everyone. I want everyone to find their real sound, because that's maximising your potential.”

With Leading Radio, Tems aims to provide a platform for African creatives to thrive. “Africa is the source, so pay attention. There are many ‘leading vibes,’ and it’s about all of us collectively coming together to lead the vibe—that’s Africa to the world.”

At the same, she also seeks to cultivate an empowering space for women. “Women need each other. We need to be there for each other in a real way—and I think, for a long time, not just in music but also in life, women haven't really had a community, a real type of understanding. It's because most of the time women are pitted against each other. There always has to be one ‘top person.’ But imagine if we were all ‘top’—then the standard of living would be better. I see it's happening already because we're all realising that we need each other. Nobody can do it alone,” she says.

Leading Vibe Radio with Tems will air biweekly on Saturdays on Apple Music 1 at 4pm SA time.

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