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4 Tips for choosing sunnies

Hands down, the ultimate style accessory is a slick pair of sunnies.

No outfit is truly complete without a pair perched on your nose, swooshed on top of your head or tucked into your shirt. No matter how you wear them, there’s no denying that sunnies ooze not just fashionability but also functionality. They’re not just an accessory to your style, but also to your health.

From protecting your eyes against harmful sunrays and your skin against cancer, to reducing glare and preventing headaches, sunglasses are little items with major benefits. And healthy eyes are always in style.

Investing in a great pair of sunnies can be intimidating – you need to choose a pair which suit your face, your style and your life. Problem solved. Sunglass Hut has come to the rescue with 4 pro tips on how to shop for your perfect frames:

1 Find your fit

Just as one would consider a body shape before purchasing a pair of jeans, the first step to buying the right pair of sunglasses is knowing which frames are best suited to different face shapes. Square face shapes are subtly balanced by curvier frames and oval shaped faces accentuated by rectangular sunglasses. Frames with geometric designs and angular settings can OFFSET the gentle contours of a more rounded face. When it comes to finding the perfect fit, it couldn’t be more important to shape up.

2 Choose your lense

The world is quickly catching on to the importance and advantages of polarisation. Polarised lenses have an extraordinary ability to cut the harsh glare produced by the sun. With superior colour, exceptional clarity and unparalleled detail, polarised lenses provide a visual experience that can only be described as seeing the world in HD.

3 Make a statement

No longer are sunglasses after-thoughts to well-considered ensembles. One glance at international runways proves that leading fashion designers have incorporated sunglass design into the foundation of their collections. From the runway to the sidewalk, the evolution of street style has shown how frames are quickly becoming style priorities as fashion mavens globally plan head-turning outfits around the bold frames.

4 Try out a trend

The purchasing of sunglasses can walk a fine line between sticking to habitual styles and daring to be different. With the vast selection of fashionable frames on offer, finding the balance between knowing your style and capitalising on fresh trends is crucial.

Want some more tips on finding your perfect pair? Learn how to get the right sunglasses for your face shape.

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