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5 Ways to be a stylish eco-warrior

South African designer Jenevieve Lyons at Helsinki Fashion Week

You want to be fashionable — but not at the price of other human beings and our planet. So apply these tips from Evelyn Mora, senior director of Helsinki Fashion Week, and you will be wearing your heart on your sleeve — in the best possible way.

1 Buy second-hand and vintage

Charity shops, markets, concession stores and specialised vintage boutiques are a wonderful source of unique finds and amazing quality, as style icons like Kate Moss know. No one will have what you’re wearing, plus you’ll be shopping sustainably.

2 Buy local

Supporting SA designers makes sense at so many levels: it’s patriotic, it helps to create jobs, it celebrates talent, it helps the environment — plus you’ll get to wear gorgeous clothes! 

3 Know your brands

Do your research and look for brands that are sustainable and eco-conscious as well as fair in their labour practices. 

4 Check the label

Look for fabrics that are natural, organic and kind to the environment, such as Tencel and Bamboo.

5 Support brands that have ethical goals

Give priority to companies that take care of their workers as well as those that support or run their own charity drives, job-creation projects and environmental causes. 

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