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6 Things you need to know about Helsinki Fashion Week

Helsinki Fashion Week kicks off on the Suomenlinna islands today — and there’s a special SA connection as our very own Jenevieve Lyons will be showing a collection. (For more about Jenevieve, see our latest issue and watch out for her Instagram takeover on GLAMOUR this weekend.) Here’s what to know about this Nordic Reflection-themed event:

1 Guests take a ferry to the shows

We can’t think of another Fashion Week that involves a ferry! The ride starts at Helsinki Market Square (a good place to buy fresh strawberries) and takes around 15 minutes.

2 It’s all about sustainable style

The designers who gather here come from the Nordic countries as well as SA, Latin America, South Korea, Turkey and Australia – but all have one thing in common: a commitment to sustainable fashion.

3 There’s a VOGUE Showroom

The editor in chief of VOGUE Ukraine has handpicked pieces to be shown in a special Vogue Showroom.

4 There’s a Dark Room

In partnership with Finnish fabric company Finnlayson, HFW has created a Dark Room, where guests are blindfolded and taken through a sensory journey — there’s so much more to fashion than just the visuals!

5 Art is everywhere!

The venue will be filled with works by the internationally acclaimed artist Sergey Bondarev and incredible floral installations by Runebergin Kukka. 

6 The location is magical

Suomenlinna Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with dazzling ocean views. 

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