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Witchery reimagines accessories with the launch of a new range

There is no denying the power of accessories. No matter how small they are, they can completely transform an outfit. Knowing just how important these pieces are in any wardrobe, Witchery - renowned for trend-led, quality accessories - has relaunched its line of accessories for 2024. From modern and minimal, to statement and bold, the latest collection looks to directional sunglasses, jewellery, scarves, belts or more. Designed to complement and enhance Witchery’s clothing offering, accessories reflect the versatility and elevated style that is at the heart of Witchery’s design ethos.

The line of jewellery will see directional new designs featuring the highest quality materials like 18-carat gold, sterling silver, Czech crystal, and real natural stones. Every detail is taken into consideration to make each piece of jewellery as beautiful as it is durable. “The type of jewels in this collection include statement and everyday pieces like necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings and rings,” says Sarah Schultz, Senior Accessories Designer at Witchery. “Suitable for any style occasion, it’s something for everyone.”

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Witchery's eyewear collection is designed with longevity in mind, arriving in premium acetate with contemporary shapes and enduring core shades.

Soft accessories, like scarves and wraps will feature and celebrate the beauty of natural fibres. Along with this, standard placement of prints will be replaced with individual, considered, and custom-designed pieces, such as scarves. The styles that can be created with soft accessories are endless. “You can use a scarf in multiple ways,” says the Witchery stylists. “A scarf is a great way to add colour and focus to an area on the body. Fold a small scarf on the angle to create a long rectangle and tie it like a necktie at the collar of a shirt to add colour and texture. Drape a large scarf around the shoulders and neck and utilise it under the collar of a blazer or under the blazer itself. You can use a scarf as a belt or even a top too.”

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“The line of accessories has been elevated to quite a premium level,” says Amber Reese, Jewellery and Soft Accessories Designer. “This ensures that you will be able to purchase these pieces and have them for years to come.” With the newly reimagined line of accessories, there’s every reason to fall in love with your wardrobe and your unique sense of self-expression. Explore the new collection of accessories from Witchery in-store or online at Woolworths.

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We make dressing for the everyday inspiring, with elevated and modern collections that create a sense of confidence and style. We believe fashion is not only what you wear, but how you wear it. Witchery’s clothing offering, accessories reflect the versatility and elevated style that is at the heart of Witchery’s design ethos. We care about the details – exceptional quality, innovation by design, and caring for the community around us. We are the leaders of 24/7 style. We are Witchery.

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