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‘Taupe brunette’ is 2024's coolest colour trend (*literally*)

There's an art to hair colour. Sure, we know the difference between blonde and brunette – but within the two camps there's still plenty of stretch. ‘Taupe brunette’ is one truly stunning example of the nuances you can find within browns, and it looks set to be a queen bee shade for 2024.

“This year will hero brown and brunette shades in the same way 2023 did for coppers,” predicts top hair stylist and trend forecaster, Tom Smith. “With monochrome dressing in fashion at an all time high, and tonal browns as popular now as they were in the early ‘00s,” he adds. But unlike some of the chocolate and espresso shades we’ve been seeing, taupe brunette offers up another direction.

What is taupe brunette?

Essentially a cool-toned, ashy brown, the shade is notably free from any brassy or warm undertones. It's like the brunette equivalent of platinum or milky blonde – only it's a little more easygoing on strands, since it doesn't require heavy bleaching.

Why choose taupe brunette?

Unlike rich, imposing cocoas, the shade has an understated mousiness to it. It's low-key, to-the-point and self-assured. It's the grey tee of hair colours – it's cool and goes with everything.

“This taupe and mushroom inspired brown shade is a great option for those wanting to play with brunette shades but keen to keep away from warmth, red or chocolate tones,” says Tom. “This is a whisper of brunette, rather than a shout,” he says.

How to ask your stylist for taupe brunette?

What to ask your hair colourist for will depend on the hair colour you're starting with. “When your required shade is deeper than your natural colour or current starting point, this cool, neutral tone is easy to achieve," says Tom. “However, if your hair is naturally (or currently dyed) darker, this will require a professional colour correction to achieve this specific tone,” he adds. So, you'll need your colourist to strip any deep or warm tones ahead of tapping into a taupe hair colour.

How to maintain taupe brunette?

It's important to note that “hair will almost always fade warmer over time,” says Tom, “so colour protecting products – and especially those which top up tone (like the Evo Fabuloso Cool Brown) – are a necessary tool for home care between salon visits.”

How to style taupe brunette hair?

This unfussy hair colour is "best combined with a stripped-back style” that's “healthy” and “shiny” says Tom. We love it styled silky straight, braided or with soft mermaid waves.

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