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An evolutionary SS21 wonder ride with Pan-African designer Chiip O Neal

Photography: Fiifi Abban
Photography: Fiifi Abban

Words by Eyram Rafael

Ghanaian brand Chiip O Neal SS21 tells a narrative tale of the evolution of mankind from a period of time when our ancestors were nearly men.

‘’Chiip was inspired by ancient Africa, medieval times and the origination of mankind through evolutionary timelines and also knowing how humans are relatively part of a large jigsaw puzzle where every piece of it counts” Neal Davids, Creative Director for Chiip O Neal narrates.

Owing to this Chiip was intrigued by the nomads of evolution, their way of life and cultures of individuals from vase descendants that are woven together as one regardless of ethnicities, colour and gender.

All these came into play to create our SS21 Nomadishi ~ An Evolutionary Wonder.

This collection expresses a strong cultural identity and reinforces our connections with each other worldwide which is evident in the use of upcycled Moroccan kilim because it’s a woven tapestry of all cultures that have different great influences.

Some of the fabrics for the pieces are ornately decorative that have a deep meaning for the essence of life. The colours that play an important role are bright hues of yellow, pink, orange, mint and dark shiny hues to complement each distinctive look.

This collection is designed to promote self-esteem, a sense of belonging and respect for all cultures that exist globally especially in these times of change and the growth of mankind.


Photography: Fiifi Abban

Creative Director: Neal Davids

Makeup & Hair: Ella Odor & Troy Melange

Styling: Nathaniel Bio

Fashion Assistant: Francis Dzah

Models: Ella Nartey, Emmanuel Wilberforce, Terry Frimpong.

See the full SS21 collection below:

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