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'Becoming Karl Lagerfeld': the series that delves into the origins of the ever-lasting designer

A year ago it was announced that a series about the figure of Karl Lagerfeld was being cooked. Kaiser Karl was first considered as a name and finally Becoming Karl Lagerfeld will be the title of this production that will be in the form of a miniseries, will be seen on Disney+ and redoubles the streaming service's commitment to biopics of great designers after the international success of Cristobal Balenciaga . And, again, as happened with the fiction about the teacher of Getaria, it has a first-class team.

What will Becoming Karl Lagerfeld be about ?

Against all odds, the series about the designer who recovered Chanel from almost certain closure will not be about that well-known figure who almost became a fashion icon of the indie sleaze generation in the late 90s and early 2000s. No. Becoming Karl Lagerfeld will travel to the 70s to explore how that German boy who arrived in Paris became what he was. According to the official synopsis, the series is set exactly in 1972. Karl Lagerfeld is an unknown ready-to-wear designer. He falls madly in love with Jacques de Bascher. He faces his friend and rival Yves Saint Laurent , supported by the fearsome Pierre Bergé.

Paris, Monaco and Rome serve as the setting for this blockbuster adaptation of Kaiser Karl , Raphaëlle Bacqué's best-selling novel. A story that humanizes a deeply conflicted person, with contradictions and terror of what people will say. This series shows a crucial moment in which Lagerfeld still designs for Chloé , but feels the need to make a name for himself. His talent, in Paris in the 70s, feels that he is completely wasted and that there are other designers eating his toast.

Who is in the cast of 'Becoming Karl Lagerfeld'?

Daniel Brühl is the absolute protagonist of the story. The Spanish-German actor becomes the designer here. Alongside him, Jeanne Damas is Paloma Picasso ; Claire Laffut is Loulou de la Falaise; Sunnyi Melles plays Marlene Dietrich, and Paul Spera is Andy Warhol, the artist for whom Lagerfeld played a role in one of his films. Theódore Pellerin is Jacques de Bascher, the other protagonist of the story; Arnaud Valois has probably the most complicated role of all, that of Yves Saint Laurent, and Alex Lutz is Pierre Bergé.

Who is behind the project?

Isaure Pisani-Ferry is the showrunner of this ambitious series.

Can you see the trailer for 'Becoming Karl Lagerfeld'?

Yeah! To the rhythm of Heart of Glass , Blondie's unforgettable song, a first preview showed that this story will delve into the designer's personal life.

The original article can be found on Vogue France.

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