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5 Of our favourite Sonia Mbele looks

Picture: Sonia Mbele, Instagram/@thee_sonia
Picture: Sonia Mbele, Instagram/@thee_sonia

South African actress and producer Sonia Mbele has been reminding Mzansi what time it is with her recent looks on social media.

Sonia Mbele became a household name as Ntombi Khumalo on hit soapie Generations and this week as she trended on Twitter for a recent social media post, Mzansi reminded the star that she will always be known as Ntombi.

However, as much as we will always have a place for Mbele’s Generations character in our hearts, the actress has long since moved onwards and upwards. Following her stint on Generations, Mbele went on to star in several critically acclaimed TV shows as well as home-grown movies. In 2018 she launched All About Films and recently made a local tv comeback on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, DiepCity.

Speaking to IOL earlier this year for a special Women’s Month exclusive, Mbele shared the realisation that she had about being the change she wanted to see in the industry.

“I’ve always known that this was the direction I was eventually going to take. And it got to a point where going on set just became very monotonous and very routine,” she said adding that she had been in the industry for years and there were so many things that she wanted to see changed and implemented.

“And I said to myself, ‘Sonia, be the change that you want to see’, because there are certain things that are happening, in terms of production, that you are not happy with. And maybe be behind the scenes and implement those changes for the better or the betterment of the industry. So that is what I did.”, Mbele added.

To celebrate the star’s trending moment and acknowledge how shes has been reminding Mzansi what time it is, here are 5 of our favourite Sonia Mbele looks.

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