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Megan Thee Stallion's Nike Collab Is (Almost) Here

Hot Girl Systems, coming to a gym near you.

Megan Thee Stallion's much-anticipated Nike collaboration is (almost!) here. The rapper teamed up with the sportswear giant on a line of essentials for hitting the gym, and it officially drops on February 20.

Megan has been teasing the collab for a while now, starting with the purple-on-purple Nike outfit she wore to perform on New Year's Eve. Recently, she shared more details about her first drop, the Hot Girl Systems, saying she was inspired by her own workout routine. “I went to Nike headquarters and said, 'Nike, we need some sports bras for the big titty b*tches. We need some sh*t that's going to make the long-legged girls look poppin', we need to turn these ponies into stallions …'” she explained in an Instagram video. "They said Megan, go in the lab and make the Hot Girl System sh*t and that's what we're doing!"

Now we know exactly what the Hot Girl Systems collection includes — and more from Megan on the inspiration and mission of her line. “I think the biggest challenge for today’s generation—for women and men—is that people work out with the goal of trying to look like someone else on social media,” she told Glamour of her approach to making workout clothing. “The goal should always be to do it for yourself and to invest in your own physical and mental health. It’s the best form of self-love, especially since we all have different body types.” She shared that she and Nike wanted to make the collection inclusive and accessible; it retails from $40 to $200 and sizing runs from XS to 4X.

The Megan Thee Stallion line, which you can preview on before it goes live on February 20, includes a supportive sports bra, crop T-shirt, long-sleeved bodysuit, and bomber jacket, all in black, plus red patterned biker shorts and a bodysuit. You can also snap up a pair of customizable Nike Air Max 97 “Something For Thee Hotties” sneakers and add your own personal Hot Girl stamp to the sole.

Whether you're running on the treadmill, lifting weights, or going for a Hot Girl Walk with coffee and a friend, you can do it with a boost of confidence form the Hot Girl Coach herself. “Being a Hot Girl is all about being unapologetically yourself, having fun and exuding confidence, so it’s an empowering message that all women can relate to,” Megan shared. “At the end of the day, I live by that. It’s part of my identity, and I just want to keep sharing that message of positivity with all the Hotties around the world.”

The original article can be found on Teen Vogue US.

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