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Zendaya Debuts A New Look With Euphoria Co-Star Hunter Schafer In Paris

The Schiaparelli couture show is always a moment. And while no one needs to reflect on that Kylie Jenner faux taxidermy look any longer, it has dictated the level of drama one expects from creative director Daniel Roseberry’s guests. Taking up the mantle this season? Zendaya, who was last spotted at fashion week on the front row at Louis Vuitton, but has parked her ambassadorships (she’s also a Bulgari girl) to engage in the haute fantasy of Schiaparelli’s world.

In no uncertain terms, Zendaya and her stylist, Law Roach, killed it. The actor, who is experimenting with a new angular fringe and poker-straight hairstyle, wore a black polo with hidden inner corsetry to give her a snatched hourglass silhouette and a ruched satin skirt with a dramatic train to fan over the red carpet. As she posed on the stairs leading up to the grand Place Vendôme, the look was giving Met Gala levels of drama. If this is a precursor to the Dune 2 promo tour, Timothée Chalamet will have to commission a lot of halter-necks and harnesses to keep up with his leading lady.

The kick-off show to the couture spring/summer 2024 season was also a reunion of sorts for Zendaya and her Euphoria castmate Hunter Schafer, who almost single-handedly restored our faith in red-carpet wear after the SAG-AFTRA strike. On the Hunger Games promo tour, she was resplendent in McQueen, directional in painterly Schiaparelli and a true fashion queen in custom Prada, as her stylist Dara said the pair hoped to lead by example and “encourage others to play”.

The Schiaparelli presentation was the perfect continuation of this transformational fashion lesson, with Schafer wearing a black strapless dress boasting the same cinched proportions as Zendaya’s look, along with a striking floral gold necklace in the same league as previous Roseberry jewellery confections, such as Bella Hadid’s “lungs” breastplate. After her diaphanous Prada gown – which saw her described as a “sexy ghost” on the Vogue podcast – at the Golden Globes, Hunter is quickly carving out a spot for herself on 2024’s best-dressed lists.

HBO has confirmed that the third season of Euphoria is expected to air in 2025, which is devastating news for fans of Sam Levinson’s teen dreamscape, but the TV show is just a small part of Zendaya and Hunter’s personal brands now. These bright twenty-somethings are doing Hollywood – and indeed Paris – their way.

The original article can be found on Vogue UK.

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