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Glamour exclusive: H&M collaborates with all-female skate crew Skate Kitchen

All female skate crew Skate Kitchen champions inclusion, equality, and challenging the status quo. Comprised of Rachelle Vinberg, Ajani Russell, Ardelia “Dede” Lovelace, Moonbear, Brenn Lorenzo, and Jules Lorenzo, the group will now star in a campaign for the new H&M x No Fear collection, with a message that speaks to empowerment and instilling confidence in women.

H&M has collaborated with iconic streetwear brand No Fear to bring about 23 garments including oversized T-shirts, crop tops, shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, knitwear, varsity jackets, tracksuits, and joggers, all featuring graphic logos or illustrations. The collection is accompanied by 11 accessories including bags, beanies, trainers, scarves, and stickers.

The No Fear mentality is about flipping the narrative and redefining fear into a source of power – something that can be used to kickstart untold potential.

With the help of Skate Kitchen, No Fear takes on a more feminine perspective. Here is what the girls had to say about the collection, in an exclusive interview with Glamour SA.


With this collection, you aim to empower young people to challenge the status quo and follow their dreams. What does the ‘No Fear’ mentality mean to you?

Sometimes the realities we face prevent us from attempting but what we love about this generation is their ability to go after what they believe in because the reward is bigger than the loss. No fear means going after the what is going to be and not the what if.

Of course, as a female skate crew you are unconventional by nature. How do you embody the No Fear ethos in your daily life?

Sometimes the simplest tasks can be the most overbearing. But we believe taking those tasks one day at a time and supporting each other in moments of doubt is embodying no fear and not letting anxiety take over .

You co-created many of the garments included in this collection. What was the overall aesthetic/vibe you were going for?

We wanted to go for the attire that we relate to. Which is unisex, loose fitting pants, paired with familiar crop tops. Combinations like this it give us a balance of comfortability while still displaying our feminine side.

As young women we do enjoy tapping into both styles and wanted to emulate that through this collaboration.


The colour palette ranges from beige, khaki brown, green and washed black. What made you choose these colours?

Shades of green were part of the collection color pallet, so we added beige and brown plus some reds to compliment the greens. We wanted something simple and cozy for the fall. Nothing too flashy.


Is there any particular item/(s) in this collection that you love the most?

The brown pants are classic skate pants. I love how they are fitted yet don’t obstruct my range of motion. Like any utility pants they’re easily customizable and the colour scheme is great for fall. The bandana is a personal favorite because it can be worn so many ways. Bandanas are a staple in any wardrobe but I’d say we sprinkled our own flare in there to make them unique.

How do you want people to feel when they wear the clothes?

This collections invites everyone to face their fears head on. I want people to cast aside self doubt, to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes- like they can take on any challenge or conquer any obstacle. Hopefully the energy that was put into the creation of these pieces is reflected in how people express themselves through the collection.


You’ve already had a film made on your lives and now you’ve forayed into fashion. What’s next for The Skate Kitchen?

As a group and as individuals we’d like to keep working with the skate community. As well as continuing to expand on our other talents intertwined in industries we’re familiar with and some we’ve just gotten started in.

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