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Levi's Pride collection 2024 is a tribute to rodeo and the LGBTQIA+ community

In the run-up to Pride month in June, Levi's has unveiled the collection. The 2024 version of the line is inspired by the LGBTQIA+ "Rainbow Rodeos" from the 1970s in Nevada. This year's theme celebrates the fusion of queer culture and rodeo traditions - and features many of Levi's legendary denim items in a new look.

The campaign features numerous LGBTQIA+ stars

The current campaign is presented by well-known personalities such as country singer Orville Peck , model and make-up artist Matisse Andrews and musician Bronze Avery. Violet Chachki, winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race" (season seven) and well-known beauty photographer Paris Helena Elyte as well as line dancing experts Bailey Salisbury and Sean Monaghan complete the star-studded line-up. The clothing brand says: "Together they embody the spirit of inclusivity and pride that Levi's stands for."

Since 1982, Levi's has supported and celebrated the LGBTQIA+ community through donations, events and collections - and the brand is also a pioneer in equality and anti-discrimination measures.

Levi's Pride Collection 2024: These pieces are included in the selection

The Levi's Pride collection features retro-inspired designs that have been reinterpreted. Key pieces include the Cinched Shortstack T-Shirt and the Cropped Muscle Tank, both of which celebrate the diverse shapes of the body with a tight fit. The highlight of the collection, the Denim Patchwork Vest, features playful star-shaped embellishments and shaped pockets that are reminiscent of the typical western and rodeo aesthetic. The line is rounded off by the Liberation Western Trucker Jacket with the lettering "Rainbow Rodeo" on the back and the matching trucker cap that carries the same message.

Price and availability of Levi's 2024 Pride collection

The Pride 2024 collection is now available online at Levi's and in select Levi's stores. Prices range from $22.50 (around €20) for the Levi's Pride Socks to $148 (around €136) for the Levi's Pride Liberation Western Trucker Jacket.

The original article can be found on GQ Germany.

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