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In an exclusive interview with Olivia Nelson-Ododa, esteemed basketball player and burgeoning wellness advocate

We delve into Olivia Nelson-Ododa’s recent explorations of skincare practices around the world, her unwavering commitment to personal wellness, and her passionate advocacy for women's health. Despite her ongoing dedication to the court, Olivia's journey into the realm of holistic wellness seamlessly complements her multifaceted pursuits and inspiring curiosity.

Olivia, you’re known for your impressive balance between professional pursuits and personal wellness. How do you manage your time and energy to ensure that each aspect of your life receives the attention it deserves?

With an increasingly busy schedule, I am constantly faced with new opportunities and choices in my everyday life. It is really easy to get desires and needs convoluted. Spending an extra hour or two in bed might feel really good, but am I listening to what my body needs? What my mind needs? Making the time to ground myself daily is such a necessity with the pace my life is going at right now.

Knit top by Constance O, Scarf by Constance O, Photographer: Sophie Ming

Daily moments of ritual where I can invest in my personal wellness are crucial. Doing my skincare every morning and every night, for example, is such a game changer for my livelihood lately. And investing in myself in this way completely changed the way I listen to my body and decide where I have the capacity to spend my time and energy."

Your passion for beauty and wellness shines through in all your endeavors. What inspires and drives you to pursue your diverse interests with such enthusiasm and commitment?

From a very young age I took an interest in beauty, fashion, and skincare. I always asked my mom about the products she used and took the time to research on my own too. Entering into adulthood, I continue to take this interest very seriously. A while ago I experienced an unexplainable reaction and my skin broke out really bad. This interest in skincare took on a new driving force as I set on the journey to research my skin type and develop a clean routine that would get my skin back to its healthy state.

Suit by KA Originals, Stretch Top by CalyxHoop Earring by Constance O . Photographer: Sophie Ming

Additionally, through traveling globally for work, I gained incredible exposure to different approaches within the skincare industry. All of this allowed me to build an extremely strong foundation for myself to educate others on the benefits of clean skincare. I cannot wait for my exciting project that will be ready to share very soon.”

It sounds like your travels really fueled your curiosity. Has that influenced your upcoming project’s development?

Without a doubt, being able to source inspiration directly from the skincare industry in Shanghai, Australia and beyond shaped my approach enormously. I saw how customized routines could be to different skin types and environments. Bringing those learnings back home with me, I’ve been working on an exciting project where I’ll be able to share what I’ve learned along the way. My goal is to empower people to feel great in their own skin, no matter where in the world they are.

lay/Lace Earrings by Eli Paola Vargas ,Trench Coat by KA Originals‌, Photographer: Sophie Ming

Beyond your professional pursuits, you're deeply engaged in promoting holistic wellness. Can you share some of the activities or practices you engage in to achieve this?

I think the beauty of holistic wellness lies in treating mental and physical wellness as interconnected. With such a busy and packed schedule, self-care takes priority in my daily routines. Eating right, utilizing clean skincare and wellness products, and grounding self-care rituals help nurture both my body and mind.“

How has your cultural background influenced your approach to skincare and beauty practices?

Growing up immersed in my cultural heritage, I've learned to appreciate the interconnectedness between inner health and outer beauty. This perspective heavily influences my approach to skincare and beauty practices, aligning closely with an upcoming project where I'll have the opportunity to channel my passion and advocacy.

Suit by KA Originals, Stretch Top by CalyxHoop Earring by Constance O, Photographer: Sophie Ming

Inspired by my family's experiences, particularly my aunts' battles with ovarian cancer, I've been driven to advocate for women's health, especially in regions like Kenya where the disease is prevalent. This commitment to holistic well-being will be reflected in the initiatives I'm currently working on, as we strive to empower individuals to prioritize self-care practices that nurture both their inner and outer selves, fostering resilience and vitality.”

You are currently working on a very exciting upcoming project. When can we expect to hear more?

Besides my upcoming season, my team and I are working tirelessly on the launch of this project and you can expect to hear more very soon. Stay tuned with what’s next on my social media!

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