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MaXhosa Africa to launch the AW2023 collection at the MaXhosa Africa Sustainability Fashion Festival

The first MaXhosa Africa Sustainability Fashion Festival is due to take place at Nirox Sculpture Park on the 22nd of April 2023. The historic event aims to introduce brand followers, loyal customers, and lovers of the brand to the sustainable practices that are at the core of the iconic African luxury brand.

Known for fashion-forward mens- and womenswear in distinguished graphics, MaXhosa Africa has gained worldwide recognition for its unique designs, and is the brand of choice for many high-profile South African and international patrons.

“Our customers know the brand as a luxury African brand that has a distinct style with uncompromising quality,” says Laduma Ngxokolo, MaXhosa’s founder and designer.

“Now is the time to showcase the deeply considered sustainability practices behind each and every MaXhosa garment, from sourcing the raw materials through superior finishing. An approach that ensures quality and long-lasting, slow-fashion.”

Taking place on World Earth Day, the MaXhosa Sustainability Fashion Festival will include an interactive exhibition that unpacks the natural fabrics and key steps involved in a sustainable supply chain. On view will be sheep and Merino goats, that will be sheared on site. Plus spinning, weaving and the dying of natural wool. Additionally the seamstresses and cutters who make the garments will be available to show the making process and interact with guests.

“I’ve always wanted to host a festival,” Laduma explains. “To bring together a collection of people to celebrate and interact in a meaningful way. Creating the Sustainability Festival is not only an opportunity to introduce the MaXhosa brand practices, but it’s also a chance for a learning around what it means to be sustainable and how it can be incorporated into our everyday lives – whether it’s through the food we eat or the clothes we wear.”

MaXhosa Africa Autumn/Winter 2023 new collection

The day will end with a show of the new season MaXhosa Africa AW2023 collection. Entitled The Sons and Daughters of Credo Mutwa, this collection is an homage to one of South Africa’s great Sanusi, and mystical story-tellers.

“Some of my design approaches are inspired by Credo’s images of the world and the continent,” explains Laduma. “Since I was a teenager I have been listening to his lectures, reading his books and viewing his artwork. I am drawn to the way he portrays a mystical world; he has a deep imagination of all the different types of human characters. “I was blessed to meet him a few months before he passed.”

The collection sees a seasonal refresh of the brand’s signature, timeless pieces, plus a new selection of fashion-forward looks in season-aligned fabrications including silks and natural wools.

Further offerings at the MaXhosa Sustainability Fashion Festival

Alongside the fashion elements, sustainability at the festival will extend through the food offerings, with a menu that highlights regenerative farming practices and natural ingredients.

“We want to continue the learning experience with a culinary experience inspired by African culture and diversity,” says the designer. “Africa is a limitless source of culture and natural resources, as the planet faces a precarious future, we should be looking to our home for solutions.” Culinary will include unexpected combinations and surprising ingredients.

About MaXhosa Africa

MAXHOSA AFRICA is a luxury institution that seeks to showcase the Mother Continent for the greatness that it is. The brand further seeks to reposition culture on the pedestal as a thought leader in society, for the current and future universe.

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