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On Our Fashion Editor’s Radar: Creative, Collected, Connected


Talia Ramkilawan is an artist and teacher living and working in Cape Town. Talia’s work aims to address her own lived experience with South African Indian identity and culture. She uses wool to visualise the complexity of one’s relationship to her and her world. Her art serves as a personal exercise in both reckoning and healing – needling through her relationships with self, family, friends, lovers, queerness, South African Indian-ness, indenture, and a chain of social and historical complexities that follow. - IG: @taliaramkilawan

Image: Paris Brummer


Founded by Dina Rudeen, Hola Luna began as a labour of love when a lifelong passion for creating collided with a growing disinterest in buying mass produced items that have a toxic effect on our bodies and minds. She came up with the name “Hola Luna” while riding her bicycle through NYC late at night, when she spotted the moon glowing brightly over the buildings. Visit:

Image: Shop Luna Supplied


A South African design staple, Luke Radloff’s Uni Form is constantly reinventing itself, and their curly cotton is fresh off the runway at Arise Fashion Week in Lagos. With cotton fringe texture, this oversized pillow clutch is a perfect accessory for any outfit. R10 000,

Image: Uniform ZA Supplied


In her memoir, founder and creative director of Brother Vellies, Aurora James gives us an insight into her life, career, and a new path for women. From a leading activist and fashion pioneer, this extraordinary memoir offers new perspectives on economic equality for all. Visit

Image: Aurora James Supplied

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